CAT X Puck Knob, CAT X Connect Puck Knob

2024 Marucci CAT X & CAT X Connect Puck Knob Review

Marucci’s Puck Knob added to the 2023 Marucci CAT X and CAT X Connect is an obvious and useful addition to the lineup. Those looking for a puck knob feel, and there should be plenty, will like this bat. It’s a Marucci exclusive bat for now so the only place to find it is directly on their website.

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2024 CAT X Puck Knob, CAT X Connect Puck Knob Models

Models Overview

The CAT X and CAT X Connect Puck Knob are available in lengths ranging from 32 to 35 inches, including a 34.5-inch option. Although 35-inch BBCOR bats are rare, Marucci suggests opting for a bat one inch longer than your usual choice, as players often grip the bat an inch lower than its full length, effectively turning a 35-inch bat into a 34-inch one.

Despite being relatively new to the market, we believe this bat will be highly successful and popular among players. Its main limitation, however, is its limited availability as its only sold directly at Marucci.com (at release), which might restrict its widespread adoption. Given that it’s $20 cheaper than the similar model in the Vanta line, the CAT X Version presents itself as an appealing option.

General Recommendations

Assuming pricing stays as it is at release, if you are looking at a CAT X Vanta or CAT X Connect Vanta, we see no reason whatsoever to buy any bat but the Puck Knob version (unless you really love black paint). It is $20 less than the Vanta and, as long as you size up an inch, will have the same effect as the CAT X from 2023 (which is the same as the Vanta with a different paint job).

If you want more specific insight as to the CAT X and CAT X Connect hitters, see our individuals reviews (in the links).

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are a lot of single piece alloy bats out there like the Voodoo One and Atlas that get plenty of play. But neither of those have interesting knobs. The only thing that could be mildly close to the CAT X and CAT X Connect Puck Knobs is the Bonesaber and Bonesaber Hybrid. Although, the Bonesaber handle is usually meant to choke down while the Marucci Puck Knob is choking up. But, both have interesting handles, so at least that’s the same.

Previous Bats

The 2024 Marucci CAT X Puck Knob and CAT X Connect Puck Knob are the first of their kind and build directly from the CAT X and CAT Connect.

Our Parting Pitch

Based on the current pricing, we think most who are looking closely at a CAT X or CAT X connect (in either the 2023 or Vanta version) should really consider the Puck Knob equivalent. It prices out the same as the 2023 and cheaper than the Vanta. Just make sure you get the inch up as to get the same usuable bat length. The counterweight knob should only make it feel better.