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2024 Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Review

The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced, ideal for serious/no-budget fastpitch players, improves on durability issues from the 2020 and 2022 models. Despite its high price, it offers upgraded features and an exceptional feel and remains a top for serious players in 2024.

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2024 Ghost Advanced Models

Models Overview

The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced series comes in -8, -9, -10, and -11 drops, each tailored for specific player profiles. The -11 is the lightest, making it ideal for the youngest players or those just stepping into fastpitch. Drop 11s work well for sub-12-year-olds. The -10 provides a good blend of speed and control, available in 30″ to 34″ lengths, it should work well for the young teen through the less confident upper classman in high school. The -9 and -8 models, in 31″ to 34″ and 32″ to 34″ lengths respectively, are progressively heavier options for players who can handle more weight to gain extra power. Confident high school and college players would benefit a lot of more mass in their bash zone. Choosing the right drop is about aligning the bat with your strength and hitting style, and if you can do that right with the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced, you’ll be hitting comets.

When in doubt, choose the drop 10.

General Recommendations

If you can get past the price point and are serious about competitive fastpitch, it’s hard to pass on the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced. We like older versions as much as this, but the stock is hard to find as the bat is ridiculously popular (for a reason). If you want what most consider the ‘best,’ and you’re willing to drop some change, this is it.

Please don’t break the bank or think this is the key to success. Nothing beats a great swing and a lot of practice. Other bats are great, too, and going used/old school is always recommended by us.

If you do find the route you want to go, the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced has a bat for every player. Newbies? Grab the -11 for an easy swing. In the groove? The -10s could be your jam. Flex? The -9 and -8 pack the punch for power.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced competes closely with the DeMarini CF series, known for its lightweight design and power. Louisville Slugger’s LXT models are also in the mix, offering a large sweet spot and reduced hand vibration. The Mizuno F21 Power Carbon, a bit unknown for sure, stands out for its durability and under-the-radar moonshots.

Previous Bats

The 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced (the last version) introduced the Double Barrel 2 construction, changing the flex and performance with a lighter inner barrel and stronger outer barrel. It also used Sonic Comp™ Max Tech to address some of the durability from 2020. The Power Boost Soft Knob and ConneXion Evolution aimed to increase leverage and comfort also showed up on that 2022 version.

With the 2024 model, they changed again the composite barrel to a “Double Barrel 3” technology to help “expand the sweet spot,” hoping for better feel and performance.

Both models share the goal of maximizing player potential but with iterative technology “enhancements” in the newer version.


The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced uses third-generation Double Barrel 3 technology for optimal feel and performance, using a (hopefully more) durable Sonic Comp Max composite. This construction approach attempts to result in a broader sweet spot compared to previous models and improve the bat’s responsiveness and power across a wider hitting area.

Our Parting Pitch

The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced stands out for serious fastpitch players, hoping to offer improved durability over past models and a range of weights (-8 to -11) to match player levels. While its high price should give many pause, its proposed performance enhancements, including a wider sweet spot and Double Barrel 3 technology, make it a top choice. Comparable to other leading bats, it maintains its edge with crazy high demand and player feedback scores. However, success in the sport still relies on skill and practice, not just equipment, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not in the mood to spend 1/2 Grand on a bat.