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2024 44 Pro Alloy XP Review

The 2024 44 Pro Alloy XP is a custom bat from a legit company that makes MLB-level products that can hit the ball as hard as anything we tested. It’s a basic bat in that it has an okay barrel profile and is a simple single-piece alloy, but it can rake and feel great, and the customizable options at $250 are a deal.

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We expect 44 Pro to come out with more bats in the future, which makes this decision harder. But, in the short run, their first genuine attempt at metal bat in the BBCOR space is a banger. We are big fans of the 2024 44 Pro Alloy XP for the ability to dial in everything you want.

General Recommendations

If you want a great-looking bat in the single-piece alloy space and are mostly convinced that BBCOR bats are all pretty close to the same, the 44 Pro is a great pick. It has a solid feel, customizable colors and grips, and good customer service from a bat that hits it as hard as anything else.

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Comparable Bats

There are plenty of single-piece alloy bats on the market today that can compete with the 44 Pro (although not on price). We like bats like the CAT X, Voodoo One, and Atlas. But you can also find cheaper options in the Stringking and F5.

Previous Bats

This is the first year of the 2024 44 Pro Alloy XP, so there is nothing to compare it to here.


The Alloy XP Custom BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) is engineered for optimal power and balance, featuring a one-piece alloy design with a large sweet spot. It includes Vibration Control Technology (VTC) to minimize sting and improve feel. Unique to this bat are customizable handle tapers for a personalized grip experience. Available in lengths from 31” to 34”, it comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee.

Our Parting Pitch

We think the 44 Pro is a top-tier bat for 2024. The price point, great feel, big hits, and customizable options are all wins.