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Bat Lab

At Just Bat Reviews Bat Digest we measure every bat in the softball and baseball space. These measurements are often documented on big spreadsheets and include items like swing weight, barrel exit speeds and max barrel sizes. The bat lab section of our site attempts to document those data findings for folks more interested in seeing the raw data instead of our interpretation of it.

See our Raw Exit Speed Data

Our interpretation, or much of it at least, is found in our individual bat reviews which we break into baseball bats and softball bats. As well, we use these data metrics gathered in the cage and during games to help determine our best bats.

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Exit Speeds Measurements

Bat Lab

We discuss the exit speeds we gather in most of the reviews we write. You can find some of the speeds on our article called the Hottest Bats. There, we’ve measured no less than 60 different bats for their exit speeds during cage work over 2,000 different swings and 4 different hitters and report the top results. It stands as the largest ball exit speed test ever performed for consumers.

We also sell access to the entire spreadsheet of work which includes every swing and the metrics associated with each bat we test.

Barrel Size Measurements

With the help of, we measured the size of every 2018 baseball bat and organized them by category. Although barrel size is not one and the same with sweet spot size we do think the visualization of the barrels size compared to other bats in its same class is a useful tool for the online buyer.

We found that the biggest barrel is very much dependent upon not just the model of bat but the length as well. A bat with the biggest barrel in the 32-inch class wasn’t neccessarily the winner in the 33 or 31-inch class either.

Bat Lab

Swing Weight Measurements

With the help of DeMarini, we’ve been able to dial in our ability to measure swing weights. We have often argued that a bat’s weight (or drop) is not nearly as important as a bat’s swing weight. Yet the industry, for whatever reason, fails to report the swing weights of bats in a way that is comparable across brands. We attempt to give hitters a real feel for how a bat swings in relation to other bats on the market and, in turn, helping their buying decision.

Bat Lab

An Actual Bat Chart

Every bat chart, where a player’s height and weight and age are used to determine the right size bat, is wrong. We debunk the myth that body size is related to bat weight in this article and help folks get a better feel for an honest bat size chart.

Bat Lab

Stated Weight vs Actual Weight

The actual weight of the bat has much less to do with the ability a player has to swing that bat then most people might think. Swing weight in dependent upon the actual mass of the bat but is a far cry from it. Despite that reality, many are often up in arms about the discrepancies in a bat’s stated weight when compared to the bat’s actual weight. We discuss those issues here.

Bat Lab