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2021 Warstic Hawk2 BBCOR Review

After well over a week of solid hitting, we are willing to make some determinations on the Warstic set of BBCOR bats. Our data gathering comprised at least four hours collectively in the cage, a few emails back and forth with the Warstic team and at least two conversations with major bat vendors to measure their take. That information, combined with our now thousands of hours of reviewing, hitting, and evaluating BBCOR baseball bats goes into this Warstic Hawk2 BBCOR review.

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2021 Warhawk 2 Models

Models Overview

The best place to check the BBCOR Warhawk 2 and Gunner bats from Warstic are directly on their site. Amazon has at least one model of a Warstic bat, although it is the wood version. You can find that here.

General Recommendations

The Warstic line of single-piece aluminum bats is built for players who accept that the BBCOR standard levels the playing field for boutique vendors. Instead of a focus on max performance, the preference should be on max inspiration. If that fits your style, we would highly recommend the Warstic BBCOR line of bats. The Hawk 2 is one of the most beautiful bats on the market.

We should also note, the one-piece design of the HAWK2 with a focus on an end-loaded, although not too heavy, swing weight is also something to consider. We would buy the Warstic if we:

  • Subscribe to the idea that BBCOR bats standards are not a code cracked by only some manufacturers
  • Want a remarkably unique and scarce bat, designed with finesse and artistry in mind
  • Prefer aluminum barrel bats and their hot out of the wrapper feel
  • Are comfortable with a middle of the road swing weight
  • Prefer a 32, 33, or 34-inch BBCOR bat


Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

In terms of design quality and focus on the finesse and artistry, we dare say nothing compares. It could be argued the 2021 Marucci CAT 9, with its remarkably splendid, flashy red design is in the same category. Indeed, it does have many things in common. Namely, a single piece aluminum design with a focus on feel as much as performance. It is not surprising both bats are designed by companies that make a living making stunning wood bats. However, the CAT 9 is slightly more balanced swinging bat whereas the Warstic Hawk2, which tend to be more endloaded.



The BBCOR Warstic Hawk2 bat is a single-piece aluminum bat with an end load. It swings a lot like a premium quality wood bat in the sense of weight distribution, tapered handle and ball carry. On a side note, it also carries what we consider the best-looking logo in the industry.

Every bat company we have spoken with claims their bat is the best. Their approach is expected (and what they should be doing after all), but that doesn’t mean it is not a stale tale. Warstic is not necessarily an exception to this. After all, they do claim their bat performs at peak BBCOR levels. But, unlike every bat company we have spoken with, their emphasis isn’t on max performance. Instead, their focus is on finding a unique bat that fits a player’s design needs with a clear acceptance that they, like others, meet BBCOR standards.

That is easy to say in an email to the major bat review site on the internet, no doubt. But that’s why we take a good look at the bats. We dare say we’ve seen more baseball bat designs than anyone on the planet. Warstic, hands down, is the most classy. And classy doesn’t quite capture the essence. Their design inspires a sort of artistry and finesse we have yet to see elsewhere.