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Victus V Cut Reviews

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

Victus V Cut Reviews Featured Image
Victus V Cut bats are wood bats made for the pros but, for a few reasons, didn't pass the final cut. This may include problems like a miscut size or cosmetic blemish. The performance is the same and there are no structural imperfections in the Victus V Cut bats. Our experience with the bat is documented in the following Victus V Cut review.
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As the 2nd largest MLB wood bat producer, Victus has clearly figured something out in terms of high quality maple bats. Our hitters liked the pro type feel of the Victus V Cut bats as well as the price point compared to a Pro Reserve bat. In terms of quality and use we'd recommend the V Cut bats over the Pro Model---unless you are particularly concerned about specific sizing requirements or perfect cosmetics (although, frankly, we couldn't find the cosmetic blemish in our V Cut).

General Recommendations

If you play in an wood bat league and need a high quality wood bat--that something like 1 out of 5 MLB players prefer---then the Victus V Cut is a great bet. It isn't 'cheap' for a bat that might break. But, in terms of quality and an outside veneer the pros like you can not do better.

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Victus V-Cut bats are pro model bats built with the highest quality of maple wood and the same veneer the pros get. However, they do lack in some sort of cosmetic (non functional) blemish. Sometimes, too, they are cut to the wrong specifications. You don't get many custom type options with the V Cuts. They don't come in a variety of sizes and their availability is never guaranteed. But, they usually have a good offering in a decent looking color.

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