Stinger Nuke Review

The Stinger Nuke is a very endloaded bat in the BBCOR space. The bat comes in a 31 through 34-inch and has a stiff feel with a lot of good feedback in the hands. Elite level hitters who prefer a bat with the swing weight an inch or two above its class should like the Nuke. In a 32-inch, as an example, the swing weight of the Nuke is heavier than 50% of the 33-inch BBCOR bats on the market.

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Our hitters liked the stiff feel and end-load of the bat. The price point for a bat that can get to top-end BBCOR speeds is good too. Average and smaller sized hitters didn’t like the endload and struggle to catch up to high speeds. But, when they did make contact the ball absolutley flew.

General Recommendations

The Stinger Nuke can be a good bat for the big hitter who likes a stiff feel and a focused barrel. Elite level hitters appear to be having good success with the bat. Smaller hitters that need as much bat speed as possible tend towards other directions.

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Comparable Bats

There are plenty of single-piece aluminum bats in BBCOR space. Not any with as heavy a swing weight as the Stinger Nuke although bats like the 33 and 34-inch Omaha get close. We think the most comparable bat is probably the Easton B5.

Previous Bats

This is the first year of the Stinger Nuke.


The 2021 Stinger Nuke is a single-piece bat with an extreme endload. There are not many frills to the bat, but meeting the BBCOR standard has been commonplace since 2013.