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SSK Baseball is much more than a fungo bat company. In fact, If you’ve never checked out their site its worth a few minutes of your time. These guys make MLB Gloves (both fielding and batting) as well as jersey’s, apparel and traditional bats. The most popular version of SSK bats, aside from their fungo, is the SSK RC22. That is, Robinson Cano. But, they also make bats for Javier Baez (JB9) and, more recently, Noah Syndergaard, His bat, fittingly called Thor’s Hammer, was the first bat contract for a professional pitcher.

SSK Bat RC22 Review

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SSK Bat Options

Model Amazon Price JustBats Price
RC22 Check Check
JB9 Check Check
Thor’s Hammer SSK Site Check

Color Changing Bat

SSK Bats Review Color Changing Bats Image 1

You read that right. SSK is has a new version of each one of the bats belowt hat turns a light blue in the sun. It has a special paint job that responds to Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. When it is exposed it turns from the color of wood to the light blue of the paint. It’s cool. Here’s our video of experiencing it the first time.

Currently, the color changing models of the bat are only found on SSK’s site directly.

SSK RC22 Review

SSK BAts Review RC22 Ash

The Robinson Cano SSK is their most popular (non-fungo) bat. The RC22 is in reference to the turn, or profile, of the wood bat. Notice the knob’s traditional shape as well as the cupped end and extended barrel. It also comes in an ink-dot tested MLB ready version.

The RC22 comes in a number of lengths and colors (including the color changing option). That includes a youth version as well as the Pro version just like Cano swings.

Generally, the RC22 is built for a bigger hitter. It has a slight end load made possible by the extended barrel. Those looking for an deep load on a pro level bat will, like Cano himself, really like the RC22.

SSK isn’t very mainstream for wood bats.

SSK JB9 Review

SSK BAts Review JB9

The JB in the JB9 SSK stands for Javier Baez. Yes, that Javy Baez. He swing this bat. It is SSK’s second most popular bat. This is a maple bat that, like the RC22, comes in a youth version as well as a number of color options (including the color changing bat).

Unlike the RC22 expect a more traditional barrel without as much end load. It does have the same knob type, but will feel a bit heavier although also a drop 3.

If you undecided on which SSK bat to get your best bet may be the JB9. It is the most traditional feel. Unless, of course, you wanted Thor’s Hammer.

SSK Thor’s Hammer Review

SSK Bat Reviews Thor's Hammer

At 6 foot 6 inches and 240+ pounds you’d expect Mr. Syndergaard’s bat to be a huge swing. You’d be right. The bat has a fitting name, Thor’s hammer, and comes in a 15/16 handle—which is about 10% more round than either the RC22 or JB9.

This bat feels great—the extra girth really takes away the sting on mishits. And the thicker handle feels right for those with bigger hands or the players that like more girth.

Like the Cano and Baez bats it comes in a number of colors and sizes. The pro model version is ink dot tested.

This is the newest bat in SSK’s lineup so distribution at the time of this writing isn’t outstanding. Expect, in time, it to have similar distribution as the RC22 and JB9.

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