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Over the course of a week, we had 7 different hitters swing the Sam Bat Drop 5 hard maple sticks. These are single piece bats made just like pro bats. But, they have a drop 5 weight to length ratio—instead of the more traditional drop 3.

On the whole, our hitters LOVED the feel. Why?

Sam Bat Drop 5 Review

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Performance wise, although harder to hit directly on the sweet spot when compared to a over-sized composite barrel, money shots flew as well as any USA Bat we tested.

However, the bat does swing at a true drop 5—a weight most younger players will find too heavy when the game is on the line.


We’d recommend the drop 5 Sam Bat to any serious USA Bat or Youth Player looking for a pro level bat and its accompanying feel. If they are capable of swinging a drop 5 in a USA or youth bat, they may find opportunities to use this Sam Bat in game, too.

Sam Bat Drop 5 Options




Sam-5 Almost None $$
KB-5 Small $$
MC-5 Medium $$

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Sam Bat Drop 5 Video Review

Sam Bat Drop 5 Sizing: KB-5 MC-5 Sam-5

Sam Bats drop 5 come in three different options. The fundamental difference between the three is the knob flare. Knob flare refers to the manner in which the bats knobs flare to the bottom hand. See the MC-5, KB-5 and Sam-5 in the image below.

Sam Bat Drop 5 Reviews

Notice the difference in knob flare between the three Sam Bat Drop 5s. From left to right: MC-5, KB-5, Sam-5.

From smallest to largest flare the order of the Sam Bat drop 5s are:

Sam Bat Drop 5 Construction

Sam Bat has made one kind of bat since they broke into the MLB game several years ago via Barry Bonds. The Sam Bat is single piece of Maple made from Canadian hard wood.

When Barry Bonds and Sam started using pure maple bats in the MLB most were skeptical. Ash bats ruled the day. Now, however, the vast majority of MLB players swing Maple bats. They prefer the hardness of the maple and the bats durability. In other words, Sam Bat is the original maple bat company.

You can expect the highest quality of construction and wood choices when hitting with a Maple Sam Bat.

Few things in life sound better than a bat on a pure maple stick.

Sam Bat Drop 5 Comparable Bats

Many major companies make a single piece wood bat in a drop 5. However, not all of them have caught up to the idea of making a drop 5 in something bigger than a 2 1/4 barrel.

After a bit of searching, we found a couple of options in on Meridian bats and Warstic bat’s site.

We struggled to find them in a size longer than 30-inches (Sam Bats go up to 32-inch). Both Meridian and Warstic make high quality bats.

If you want to try others, we would be confident you could convince one of the smaller wood bat companies to put together a custom bat for you. Find their contact information from their site and send them an email with the request. Our experience with small bat companies is that they’d love to be helpful.

Can You use a drop 5 Wood bat in BBCOR?

No, actually. To be BBCOR approved the bat cannot have a higher drop than a 3. The drop, we are sure you know, is the numerical difference between the weight of the bat in ounces and the length of the bat in inches. A drop 5, as these Sam Bats are, would not be legal in a league that requires BBCOR.

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