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If you are looking into which Rawlings wood baseball bat to select, the following three are not only their best sellers, but the three we prefer as well. After hitting with every Rawlings single piece wood bat we could find, we narrowed down our favorites to the Maple Velo, the Big Stick REBM7 and the Birch Wood Big Stick JM7.

Best Rawlings Wood Bats

Each of these bats are ink dot tested and, when hit correctly, deliver as much punch as you can find in the professional grade wood bat market. Those looking for a Rawlings brand wood bat would do well to start with one of these three.

Rawlings Maple REBM7Best Rawlings Wood Bats

The REBM7 (Amazon at $129) is built for those who appreciate a heavier swing and like a very hard wood that is durable but not nearly as forgiving on mishits as Birch or Ash. Those who can wield the Maple Big Stick from Rawlings correctly will find their dividends on the stat sheet as this bat veritably rakes. The turn (the model to which the lathe is set for bat dimensions) is robust with a shorter barrel taper for maximum barrel size.

The bat comes with a tapered handle and no pre-taped grip. Maybe most notably, if you buy from the right retailers, the bat actually comes with a 15 day warranty which is nearly unheard of in the wood bat space.

Rawlings Birch Big Stick JM7BIR

Best Rawlings Wood Bats

Our personal favorite Rawlings’ wood bat is the Joe Mauer flame torched Birch Wood Big Stick (Amazon at $69). The bat takes the same dimensions as the Big Stick Maple above but the Birch gives it a lighter swing weight. We’d guess that most players who don’t have hours to spend in a weight room will likely prefer this bat.

It’s also helpful that the bat looks fantastic and, we think, is by far the best looking wood bat in the series for Rawlings this year. Birch wood, as well, has proven its worth as a good combination of durability, hardness and keeping hand sting manageable.

Rawlings Maple Ace VELO

Best Rawlings Wood Bats

The Rawlings Maple Ace Velo is as light a swinging ink dot tested pure wood bat you’ll ever be able to find. It’s a longer transition to the barrel which keeps the bulk of its weight in the hands. Yet it’s bone rubbed Maple makes it very durable and, when hit right, as big a bomb dropping bat as you’ll find in the wood bat space. As well, the bat does not have a tapered knob.

For what it’s worth, from what we understand, the Maple Ace Velo is the best selling wood bat that Rawlings makes. If this were a popularity contest then the Maple Ace Velo from Rawlings would rule the day.

Those three wood bats from Rawlings should help narrow down the choices for folks looking for ink-dot tested, single billet wood bats with a 15 day warranty from a brand name you can trust.

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