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2021 Rawlings 5150 Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 27, 2023

2021 Rawlings 5150 Review Featured Image
Rawlings 5150 makes marked changes in the BBCOR version and looks all but the same in the USA and USSSA world for 2021. The Rawlings 5150 BBCOR changes the barrel profile and updates the end cap for a more balanced swing---up from its ultra-light swinging days. Now, it differentiates itself by a more average swing weight when compared to the VELO which swings ultralight. The USSSA and USA versions are the same balanced single-piece aluminum we have come to expect.
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In BBCOR, we think the 5150 is an ideal bat for that hitter who doesn't care about frills and shills. No one is out there drooling on the 5150, but hitters who know can bang away with it. It's a single piece stiff bat that our more elite hitters preferred. It's a basic design, a normal handle and moderately sized barrel are and could work for a hitter in any part of the lineup. Younger USA and USSSA players will likely struggle with the hand sting and lack of barrel profile. But, for them, it serves as a decent entry-level bat that won't break the bank.

General Recommendations

We recommend the 5150 for a hitter anywhere in the lineup that likes a single piece bat's stiff feel and wants an average weighted bat. As well, don't expect the 5150 to get major pub on review channels and sites. For whatever reason, the bat doesn't inspire clicks. But, in terms of a durable workhorse that will hit it as far as any other BBCOR bat when you can square it up, the 5150 is a great find. We also think differences from the 2020 5150 to the 2021 version are enough to consider them different takes. The end cap, change in barrel profile, and increase in swing weight make for a noticeably different experience.

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The BBCOR version of the 5150 went through considerable upgrades from 2020 to 2021. The barrel profile was changed with the use of variable wall thickness in the barrel. That is, different spots of the aluminum barrel have different wall thicknesses. That allows the barrel to extend its sweet spot and increase its general profile. As well, they added a new end cap. All in all, the 5150 swings heavier than the 2020 version---not as heavy as end loaded bats. But, at least, heavier than the very light swinging Velo. In USSSA and USA there are virtually no changes. The bats are still single piece alloys for the entry-level youth ball space.


In BBCOR, the Rawlings 5150 uses an ultra-light end cap, variable wall thickness in the barrel, and their traditional 5150 Alloy. In USSSA and USA, the Rawlings 5150 uses the 5150 Alloy. The bats are no-frills and very straight forward bats.