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Mizuno’s soft barrel bat is, let’s say, unique. It has never really got a hold of the hearts of the average hitter. It does well when the bat speed is very fast—like 90+. But otherwise, hitters wish for a bit more in feel and performance. We have covered this bat since its inception. These are our Mizuno MaxCor reviews over the years.

Bats denoted with an asterisks(*) are “Reviews in Progress.” See the definition of the ratings here. Click column headers to sort.
Mizuno MaxCor Reviews

2018 Mizuno MaxCor


The 2018 Maxcor is just like the 2017 version of the same bat. However, the 2018 class comes in an additional size—a USAbat drop 5 versions. We have spent plenty of time with this soft barreled bat, talked to a number of players who have used it, and give our 2018 Mizuno Maxcor Bat review below.

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2017 Mizuno MaxCor


In writing the 2017 Mizuno MAXCOR review, we tested the bat extensively in the cage. We also spoke with the manufacturer about upgrades from previous years’ versions. As well, we compared our 2016 and 2015 MAXCOR hitting notes and reviews previously published on this site. We have also spent several hours reading and researching player experience with the 2017 Mizuno MAXCOR. Those thoughts and efforts come together in this 2017 Mizuno MAXCOR Review.

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2016 Mizuno MaxCor


Last year we were the first independent group to review the 2015 Mizuno MaxCor BBCOR bat. The MaxCor was, and still is, the only bat on the market to attempt an increased sweet spot size by expanding the sweet spot along the y-axis.

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2015 Mizuno MaxCor


Before we get into the good stuff (aka fascinating baseball science and technology) here are some basics of the 2015 Mizuno MaxCor.

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