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MaxBat is a wood bat company based in Brooten, MN. The company combines decades of bat making experience with years of playing experience to help provide some of the best wood bats on the market today. MaxBat has three kinds of wood that are all very high quality. They have Rock Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern White Ash, which are all very high quality bats. MaxBat provides a wide range of customizations, while keeping their products very reasonably priced. All of their bats are under $120, which is lower than average for bats of this quality. They also have a very large pro following, in both the majors and minors.

See all of our wood bat reviews and the best place to buy MaxBats.

Pro Usage

Max Bat Reviews

MaxBats are used all over the pros and the minors, having a total of over 250 players using their products. Several big names use MaxBats, including Wil Myers, Randal Grichuk, Albert Pujols and many other high profile prospects as well.

Most Popular Models

Pro Series 141

Max Bat Reviews

The 141 is a model that  can be used by gap, power and slap hitters. It has a medium handle, and a medium barrel. The medium handle and barrel allow for a controlled, balanced swing, great for all hitters. The handle measures at 15/16 in. and the barrel comes in at 2 15/32 in. This bat is great for players beginning to swing with wood, as it is light, but still has a bigger barrel like a metal bat would have.

Pro Series S24

Max Bat Reviews

The S24 is a model geared more towards gap and slap hitters. It has a thin handle and medium barrel. The handle measures at 29/32 in. and the barrel measures in at 2 1/2 in. This bat can also be used for hitters with smaller hands, because the smaller handle is easier to grip. The S24 could be used by a younger player who has swung wood before, but isn’t quite strong enough to swing a heavier bat.

Pro Series 110

Max Bat Reviews

The 110 is made for the gap and power hitter. It has a thick handle and large barrel. Its handle is 1 in. thick and the barrel measures in at 2 17/32 in. This bat has a large barrel that helps the power hitter whip the barrel out with heavy force, but also is light enough for the gap hitter to use as well. The 110 is a great choice for a growing player who is transitioning to the power hitting role, or the gap hitter role.

Pro Series 610

Max Bat Reviews

The 610 is made for the power hitter. It has an extra thick handle and an extra large barrel. The handle is 1 1/16 in and the barrel is 2 19/32 in. thick. This bat’s large barrel is for the experienced, strong power hitter who knows how to control a large barrel. This bat is a popular choice among minor league players who don’t have their own model yet.


Max Bats is also well known for their variety. They have over 30 models to choose from just in adult bats. They also have four wooden softball and youth models on top of that. MaxBat prides themselves on customization, and they have plenty of reason to. Their bats have over 500 combinations of customizations across their website, from the model, wood species, swing weight, handle and barrel color, label color, all the way down to whether or not the end of the bat is cupped or not.

MaxBat also sells a coach’s fungo, that is completely customizable just like their regular bat models. They also sell two types of top and bottom hand trainers: the regular top and bottom hand trainer, and the hammer. The difference between the two is that the hammer is longer and heavier, providing a feel that is closer to a player’s game bat. MaxBat also sells a hand-eye coordination trainer. This bat has a barrel that is 2 1/4 in. making the hitter barrel the ball up perfectly – or miss the line drive. This helps improve the player’s ability to square the ball up in game. On top of the bats they sell, MaxBat also sells glove mallets, tees, pine tar and bow nets.


MaxBat is a great choice for any type of player looking for a wood bat, or any other product they provide. MatBat provides some of the best quality and customization on the market, all for a great affordable price.

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