2025 Marucci CAT X2 – What We Know

Marucci CAT X2 (2025) will be released in early June 2024. The X2 is a single-piece alloy bat with a claimed larger sweet spot than the 2023 CAT X. As well they’ve done more to dampen vibration, with a liquid gel still in the knob like the CAT X, but also new in the endcap. The barrel should perform the same as previous versions of the CAT, which is great.

2025 CAT X2 Models

Models Overview

As it’s their marquee bat, Marucci has a full complement of USSSA and BBCOR 2025 CAT X bats. We generally like the CAT X2 for a kid who wants a single-piece alloy in a light sweet. You can check places like Just Bats’ CAT X section or¬†directly on Marucci’s site.

Expect a CAT X2 Connect in early June and the CAT X2 Composite as we enter the fall of 2025.

General Recommendations

If you need a bat right now, we would not recommend waiting for the CAT X2 to drop in June. The current CAT X is where it’s at,¬†and there’s reasonable inventory and pricing as we write this.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are plenty of single piece alloy bats vying for your attention. Bats like Louisville Slugger’s Atlas, DeMarini’s Voodoo and even outliers like Easton’s MAV1 or Pro44s line of bats can all do you well. Marucci’s single piece alloy is as good as they get, too.

Previous Bats

Compared to the 2023 Marucci CAT X, we expect to see a claimed larger sweet spot, liquid gel in the end cap in addition (as it was in the CAT X) to the knob, and some custom tapering based on the size of the bat. Regarding overall performance, we’ve yet to be convinced that BBCOR bats have meaningfully improved in trampoline effect for several years. Will it feel better? Possible.

Our Parting Pitch

We expect the 2025 Marucci CAT X2 to be a big-time bat used by serious players around the country. The half sizes in BBCOR are great, the feel is fantastic, and the distribution is top-notch. All this leads to a great pick and a bat we expect will have considerable success.