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George Springer Bat | Axe Handle Pro-Fit Custom Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

George Springer Bat | Axe Handle Pro-Fit Custom Review Featured Image
George Springer has a new bat out from Axe. Well, in that case, Mookie Betts does too. Turns out, Kris Bryant has been using one in games. We take a closer look at the new Custom Pro Fit Series of bats from Axe. You can see Axe's full press release here.
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Hitters that prefer Axe bats like the the ergonomic handle. The shape of the handle can keep you in the zone longer and help increase bat speed. Now, with Axe's Pro-Fit series a player can get those features in a top quality maple stick. It is, in fact, the same wood quality swung by MLB players in an Axe handle shaped design.

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Other companies have made a wood bat with an Axe shaped handle. Through licensing deals the folks at Victus, for example, have made a number of pro level guys use the Axe handle. This Pro-Fit series of bats from Axe serves the MLB market as well as the serious player looking for an elite wood bat and an Axe shaped handle on an Axe branded bat.

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The Custom Pro-Fit series come in a GS4 and an MB50. The GS4 stands for George Springer and the MB50 is for Mookie Betts. These bat profiles are patterned after the turn models they prefer. As well, Axe has a Pro-Fit series in the very popular 243 and 271 model sizes. Both the Pro-Fit and Custom Pro-Fit are maple bats built from MLB quality wood billets.