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Easton dominates the aluminum and composite wood bat space. They also, without surprise, have as serious wood bat offering. In this Easton wood bat reviews article, we highlight some of their best selling wood bats and make some recommendations as to why these bats might be the right fit for you.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Where to Buy Easton Wood Bats?

Easton Wood bats can be found at several major outlets. We often check Amazon first as they tend to have the largest selection and a number of sellers which drives down price. But, don’t forget places like eBay too.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Easton makes three turn models of traditional wood baseball bats. They include the very popular 271 and 110 wood bat turn models. Easton also makes a 243 model for a bit bigger barrel. And, don’t forget, they also make a youth wood bat that they refer to as the Youth MAKO Wood Bat. In the 100 they produce a composite wood bat too. We discuss each in more detail below.

Easton MFL-5 Maple Fungo Review

Easton makes a pure maple fungo bat. It compete’s against some of the great fungo bats in the market the like the SSK. Easton’s version is a 37-inch pure maple stick meant for a full range. Expect this to work well with highschool and bit time fields. The pure maple feel is exactly what most folks want in a fungo bat. The bat also comes in a number of sizes.

Easton Wood Bat Review

2017 Easton 243 Bat Review

Easton makes a pure maple bat in a very traditional 243 turn model. This is meant for power hitters who like the largest barrel available in a stock size wood bat. The handle still keeps the thin feel that comes with wood bats. Although not the best selling Easton wood bat, it is a very useful tool for those that know how to use it.

The bat comes in both an Ash version and a Maple version. Advanced hitters tend to prefer maple over Ash, but that is barely the rule with lots of exceptions.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Easton 110 Wood Bat Reviews

Players new to wood bats will probably like the balance associated with a 110 turn series. It comes with a thin handle and a long taper that allows the swing weight to stay down.

Easton also makes this exact turn in several versions. We found a composite model, ash and maple version of the 110. No surprise they offer it in a lot of sizes as it is a very popular turn.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Easton 271 Wood Bat Reviews

The 271 turn has a bigger barrel than the 110 model but is not nearly as big as the 243. It is inteneded for that middle of the road hitter who likes a balanced bat but still would like some opportunity to really barrel a bat up. We think this should be their most popular bat and think, when in doubt, go with the Easton 271.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Easton Youth Wood MAKO Review

Easton also offers a youth wood bat. They refer to these bats as a MAKO Youth wood bat. The drops on these bats are between a drop 10 and drop 7. You will find that managing the weight differences between one bat and another in the wood space is more difficult as grain structure and weight is harder to manage.

They make these bats in both a pure hard rock maple and ash version.

Easton Wood Bat Reviews

What Are Bat Turn Models?

Wood bats have different shapes. And those different shapes are standard across the industry. That is, a bat model from Easton can be found in a similar shape at Louisville Slugger by finding one with a similar model or, as we refer to in the industry, turn.

There area number of industry standard turns. And, among those turns, several manufacturers alter a small thing on the bat and then either make up a new model or add a letter or number to a model turn number. Below we highlight the ones Easton uses in their wood bats.​

110 Turn

The Popular 110 Turn Model

110 Benefits

110 Hesitations


271 Turn

Maybe the Most Popular Turn

271 Benefits

271 Hesitations


243 Turn

Big Barreled Turn

243 Benefits

243 Hesitations


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