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Easton Typhoon Youth Bat Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

Easton Typhoon Youth Bat Review Featured Image
Easton's Typhoon Youth Bat is a single piece aluminum made for the budget conscious USA Bat player.
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It uses a 2 1/4 barrel (down from the 2 5/8 allowed) as to generate a super light swing weight. The bat is for players just starting out their careers and like the paint job. It is for parents who don't want to pay very much for a bat and don't think bat performance is something their player should worried about.

General Recommendations

The Typhoon is a no frills bat. That is, there is really nothing special about it. You should expect nothing short of a pretty simple bat. The people that tend to like it are budget conscience and are new to baseball.

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The 2019 Easton Typhoon is a single piece aluminum. This differs from other bats that either use a full composite construction or a two piece design. A ful piece aluminum bat is the most inexpensive bat type on the market. It does have a unique Easton grip that is a 2.2mm. It's thickness is considerably more than any other grip on the market. Even Lizard Skin's thickest grip is only 1.5mm.