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Although much more known for their aluminum and composite baseball and softball bats, DeMarini also makes some wood bats too. And, with a focus in composite maple sticks, many of them are worth your consideration. Here we put our DeMarini wood bat review.

DeMarini Wood Bat Reviews

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Where to Buy DeMarini Wood Bats?

If DeMarini does anything well it is distribution. You can find their wood and wood composite bats at all major retailers in some form or another. We always check Amazon for these. Many major vendors sell their DeMarini gear there and Amazon itself even carries some.

DeMarini Composite Wood Bat Reviews

DeMarini makes composite wood bats across the slow pitch and baseball space. They also focus on the fungo market. All these bats are made of the same maple composite material meant to increase durability and a structure that decreases swing weight. If you are looking for a bat in this specific niche, they all come highly recommended.

DeMarini S243 Composite Maple Review

The S243 composite wood maple baseball bat from Demarini is their most traditional hybrid baseball bat. The attempt is to recreate a wood bat performance in the barrel but use a composite handle. It is much like a two piece hybrid bat but with a wood barrel instead of an aluminum one. There is also a composite structure within the barrel to increase durability. We would argue it is the most advanced composite wood bat on the market. It is also BBCOR approved and can also be used in the MLB Minor Leagues too.

DeMarini Wood Bat Reviews

DeMarini Fungodelic Review


The Fungodelic takes the idea of the S243 and applies it to a fungo bat. The handle and inner barrel parts are composite, but the outer barrel is a maple wood. This allows for a wood like feel and predictability, but maintains the durability and weight distribution of a composite structure. We predict the first time you hit with a Fungodelic it will be love at first site. It sure was with us. This is one of our favorite bats to hit.

Demarini Wood Bat Reviews

DeMarini Corndog Review

DeMarini’s Corndog is as interesting a bat that you will ever find in the slowpitch softball space. It is, much like the S243 above, a two piece bat where the handle is made of a composite handle but the barrel is made of a maple wood. Inside the barrel are other composite barre pieces, but the outside hitting wall is entirely maple. Some slowpitch leagues require wood bats only. And, as such, this bat is a godsend.

DeMarini also makes this bat in a baseball version too.

DeMarini Wood Bat REviews

Why Choose DeMarini Composite Wood?

We have no reason to think Demarini’s composite wood bats are any more special than other composite wood bats on the market. They are durable, roughly inexpensive, and have a good sweet spot for their intended niche. But, in terms of buying a product from DeMarini, a few bullet points stick out to us.

What is a Composite Wood Bat?

DeMarini only makes composite wood bats. Not, as their sister company Louisville Slugger does, pure wood bats. A composite wood bat is made up of wood particles that are glued together to form a much more durable bat. Some of these particles are full pieces, others might be combined saw dust.

As well, the bats structure is formed around some composite shells. These composite shells are the same type of composite that forms composite bats.

Composite Wood Bats

Multi Piece Wood Exterior

Durable, Less Expensive

Wood Bats

Single Piece of Wood

Pricey, Stiff Feel, Traditional

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