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We put 1,000 hits on our Bret Bros Maple MM-110 among a few different hitters. All were impressed with a bat they had yet to hear of. The outlayer of the handle is fiberglass but you’d never know it wasn’t wood. The pure maple outer-shell barrel was true to form. We are not surprised it gets the types of ratings it does on (where it is an exclusive offering).

We recommend the bat for the serious BBCOR players looking for a reasonable, and durable, BP wood option to carry in their bag. As well, the player who needs a cold weather BBCOR bat and doesn’t want to dent/break their high end composite or aluminum baseball bat. Parents looking for a wise purchase will find use in this bat that graces our best cheap baseball bats lists. (Best bat under $100).

MM-110 Maple Brett Bros. REview

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Brett Bros MM-110 Cage Side Review

Brett Bros. MM-110 Recommendations

Is the Maple MM-110 the right bat for you?

Of course the answer always depends.

First, you need to be a BBCOR player—or at least one that can use one. Second, you need to be mindful the bat swings heavier than any aluminum or composite bat you may have swung in the past. If you know that, then here are the types of things that could convince you further to go for it.

Brett Bros. MM-110 Sizing

The Brett Bros. MM-110 is available in a 32 through 34 inch bat.

Our 33 inch bat weighed exactly 30 ounces. Its max barrel size was 2 1/2 inches.

The swing weight for a traditional aluminum/composite BBCOR bat was HEAVY. It ran heavier than any bat we have measured in the 33-inch aluminum and composite space except for the Warstic.

Brett Bros. MM-110 Construction

MM-110 Maple Brett Bros. REview

The barrel of the MM-110 Maple is maple. They use an extended barrel that feels great and sounds just like a real maple, because it is.

The handle of the bat is reinforced with a fiberglass type resin. This improves the durability of the bat. However, it also removes any chance the bat can be used at the MLB level.

It does have BBCOR certification and is officially categorized as a composite wood bat. It will be legal in high school or any type of BBCOR play (like Babe Ruth).

Brett Bros. MM-110 Comparable Bats

MM110 Brett Bros Maple Review

In terms of a maple barrel with a fiberblass reinforced handle there are no comparable bats to the MM-110 Maple Master from Brett Bros. They do, after all, have the patent on the tech.

But, there are several bats categorized as a wood composite. In fact, we write an entire article about it discussing them. This includes the famous Baum Bat as well as one of our favorites: the Axe Maple Composite.

However, both those bats are twice the twice of the MM-110 Brett Bros Master Maple bat.

See our Baum Bat Review.

How about the Brett Bros. MB-110?

Brett Bros MM110 Review

The real competition for the MM-110 is the MB-110 from Brett Bros. The MB-110 (emphasis on the B) is a Maple/Bamboo version of the bat. It uses a Bamboo core on the maple shell and is remarkably durable. Bamboo, know for its durability, has a more forgiving feel on hits and mishits when compared to the maple.

What you might make up for in durability, you likely lose in the stiff feel of a completely maple barrel. The Maple/Bamboo version is more popular, due to its durability, but it also doesn’t have outstanding ratings as the only maple version. This might be due to the fact that more people have swung the MB than the MM and the law of averages applies.

As for us, we aren’t as interested in life long durability as we are the stiff feel and performance. As such, we’d lean closer to the MM-100 on first glance. But, if you want durability and a great wood feel it really is hard to say you’ll go wrong either way.

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