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BamBooBat Review | Why Use A Bamboo Bat?

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

BamBooBat Review | Why Use A Bamboo Bat? Featured Image
Want the softest feeling "wood" bat on the market?
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A BamBoooBat might be your best bet. The bat isn't wood, technically, it is a grass. So, you're not only saving the rain forest but you're also getting a super smooth feel. The bat's have a lot of give at contact with will make your hands and thumbs grateful---especially on mishits. Bamboo is also remarkably durable. Of course the bats can break. But when compared to other "wood" bats this thing is a steel trap.

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BamBooBat are made from, wait for it, bamboo. Bamboo, you probably know, is a grass and not a tree. In other words, it isn't actually a forest your killing by trying to hit dingers. This also explains the relatively inexpensive nature of bamboo bats. The bamboo is laminated together and then formed into the shape of a bat. Throw on some polish and coating as well as a cool paint job or two and you have a whole host of bats in the BamBooBat line up.