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Alex Rodriguez GS25 Marucci Bat Review

We take a look at Alex Rodriguez’s game bat elsewhere. Here, we take a look at the limited edition GS-25 Marucci BBCOR bat.

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Models Overview

This is, functionally, a 2019 CAT 8 BBCOR bat. It runs the same long aluminum barrel and anti-vibration knob. It is, when all is said and done, a fantastic bat with a balanced swing.

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Comparable Bats

The most comparable bat, because it is the same thing, is the Marucci CAT 8.

However, in the BBCOR space, the most applicable bat is Marucci’s Buster Posey ProMetal bat. That, too, is a CAT 8 with a unique and limited colorway.


This bat is the exact same as the Marucci CAT 8. But, of course, with a limited edition colorway.