2025 Easton Rope Review

Best we can tell, Easton is coming back with the Rope for 2025. It will be a two-piece composite built on the same chassis as the 2024 version of the bat (so a decent swing and a big barrel).

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Models Overview

We were huge fans of the 2024 Easton Rope, as it was one of our favorite BBCOR bats for 2024 and our favorite composite. We thought the bat was highly under valued in the market and never heard a bad word about it. Our testing showed it was top echelon for all types of hitters. We expect the 2025 version to be the same amount of good.

General Recommendations

Two-piece composite bats with oversized barrels and lighter swings suit entry-level BBCOR players who are still getting the hang of connecting with pitches and hitting gaps. Typically, power hitters thrive with any bat type, favoring the stiffer feel of single-piece or hybrids. The 2025 Easton Rope is designed for players who appreciate a great feel and a huge barrel in the best Easton has to offer.

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Comparable Bats

The most comparable bats appear to be Marucci’s two-piece composite CAT X2 composite and Rawlings ICON. You can also find bats like the Louisville Slugger Meta and DeMarini’s CF (which has a 2025 version, too) as similar types of bats approaching the same market.

Previous Bats

We’re still waiting to hear about the differences, but it’s quite possible it’s a reprint of 2025. We will see.