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2025 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

DeMarini, as anticipated, has released a 2025 Voodoo One. Like previous versions, this bat will have a light swing on a single-piece alloy bat. There was a time this line of bats was the most famous, but some durability issues with the knob have made it lose some ground. Now, it looks up to bats like the Slugger Atlas. But, make no doubt about it: the bat can still hit the ball hard.

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2025 Voodoo One Models

Models Overview

Expect to see a BBCOR version of the bat in a huge range of sizes (29 through 34 with a 32.5 and a 33.5). As well, USSSA and USA versions will be available in the fall.

General Recommendations

This bat suits many players, especially high school guys and gap-type college hitters who prioritize a lighter feel over barrel profile. While it’s not for everyone, it caters to many. Its easy-swinging design makes it a good choice for players who value control and durability.

Generally, $399 for a single-piece alloy bat is too much. Bats like the Atlas, Marucci CAT X, F5, and Victus Lev3 Vandal perform just as well for less. However, this might be the bat for you if you want to use what some of the “cool” kids swing.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Many single-piece alloy bats with a light swing are available, including the Marucci CAT X, Slugger Atlas, Easton’s ALX, and Rawlings VELO/Clout. However, none of these bats cost $400.

Previous Bats

There does not appear to be any changes in the 2025 DeMarini Voodoo One when compared to the 2024 version of the bat. Both come with the new fortified knob as well as the end cap. Of course, sometimes we are suprised.


The 2025 DeMarini Voodoo One is a one-piece BBCOR bat designed for serious players. It has a one-piece alloy design with an X14 Alloy Barrel and a Fortified Metal Compound Knob for durability.

Our Parting Pitch

If you’re up for spending a lot, then the 2025 DeMarini Voodoo One might not be that bad of an idea. The bat can certainly hit some tanks in the right hands.