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2024 Victus Vandal Lev3 Review

By Bat Digest

Updated July 17, 2023

2024 Victus Vandal Lev3 Review Featured Image
The 2024 Victus Vandal Lev3 other than it's the latest iteration in the Victus Vandal line and will replace the Vandal II in USSSA drop 10, 8, and 5, as well as a BBCOR version. Victus has done well in the alloy/composite bat, although clearly overshadowed by its more prominent sister company Marucci and, as such, is still a second-tier player behind DeMarini and Slugger. That said, the Vicut Vandal Lev3 takes on the sting-dampening knob found in the 2nd generation Marucci bats. As such, it should set it apart as something to consider in the single-piece space.
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2024 Vandal Lev3 Video
*Note: The current bat is still under review. Our ratings will change as more information is gathered and more players get it in their hands. Expect updates.

2024 Vandal Lev3 Models

The 2024 Victus Vandal Lev3 is a single-piece alloy bat with a good-sized barrel and a light swing. The addition of the sting-dampening knob that put the Marucci CAT on the line is intriguing, and could the Lev3 in the hunt. Single-piece alloy bats have struggled in the USSSA space but if any bat has led the way it is the Marucci CAT and its sting-dampening tech. That spells promise for the 2024 Victus Vandal Lev3. Single-piece alloys with a lights swing area are also on the rise in BBCOR and we'd love to see the Lev3 come in with a durable option that competed well against a bat like the Voodoo One.

General Recommendations

Hitters who like a single-piece feel and a mid-to-light swing gravitate toward the Vandal line. The addition of the sting-dampening knob should help with those averse to sting. We expect the bat to keep true to the Vandal intent of a high-performing single piece with a light swing and a more reasonable price than a bat like the Marucci CAT X Composite.

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The maror difference between the 2022 Vandal II and the 2024 Vandal Lev3 is the sting-dampening technology found in the knob of the Lev3. If you're familiar with Marucci (who owns Victus), they've used a rubber sting dampening in the knob of the Marucci CAT lines. The Victus Vandal Lev3 now uses that knob and that is a new feature in the 2024 Vandal lineup.


The 2024 Victus Vandal Lev3: - Constructed with VXP aluminum alloy - Carbon composite barrel end reduces weight from the end - Ergonomic handle taper offers a custom fit based on player feedback - Ringless barrel design with multi-variable wall thickness creates a thinner, more flexible sweet spot - Incorporates vibration-reducing knob technology to minimize sting and unwanted feedback from off-center hits.

Vandal Lev3