2024 Tucci Torino Review

The 2024 Tucci Torino is a hybrid bat with an endload built for that big hitter who wants something different from a bat company that has been up and coming for a while. The distribution of this bat is slim; as of this writing, you can only find it directly on Tucci’s site, but it promises big things from a company that understands what people want in a bat.

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Does the market need another two-piece hybrid bat with an endload? The answer might be yes. The demand for these bats has skyrocketed over the last five years as the ‘right’ kind of bat for most hitters. Our sense is most hitters in the BBCOR space will be disappointed with an endloaded hybrid. But, if that’s your market, we have no doubt that Tucci has the resources and know-how to make a bat perform at the BBCOR limit.

General Recommendations

Since the 2024 Tucci Torino only comes in a BBCOR, and an endload with a 32, 33, and 34-inch option, its fit isn’t that wide. Big hitters who want a stiffer and endloaded bat could like it as much as they like a bat like The Goods or Select PWR. Those who want something off the beaten path might really like it.

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Comparable Bats

There are a few end-loaded hybrid bats on the market. The leaders are Sluggers’ Select PWR, Marucci’s CAT X Connect, and DeMarini’s The Goods. The Goods, set to release in 2024, should be a pretty exciting launch if the Torino can pick up some of the crumbs that the bat leaves over, then good on them.

Previous Bats

The 2024 version of the Tucci Torino (released in May of 2023) is the 2024 Torino so that we can keep track of it. We realize a lot of companies don’t like us pushing it in that sort of window, but we have to differentiate it somehow on this site, and year is how the world works.


The 2024 Tucci Torino has a two-piece hybrid design (composite handle and alloy barrel) that uses carried wall thickness to help increase the barrel size. Bats like the Marucci CAT X Connect do it similarly. The bat uses some stiffness in the connection as well as an endload.