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2024 Marucci F5 Review

The 2024 Marucci F5 shines as the market’s hidden gem. Despite its modest price tag, it often goes unnoticed amidst the glitz and glamour of other BBCOR, USSSA, and USA bats. However, year after year, when pitted against the so-called “top-tier” bats in our data tests, the F5 not only matches up but often surpasses them. Admittedly, there might be concerns about durability or denting, especially with the lighter drop 10 variants. But, when you consider it’s priced at just a third of its competitors, these minor hiccups hardly seem catastrophic. A simple solution? Have budding players opt for the drop 8 in a slightly shorter size. All in all, for those seeking top-notch value without compromising on quality, the F5 is an exceptional choice across any league it graces.

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2024 F5, F5 JBB Models

Models Overview

Marucci’s F5 for 2024, like in previous years, has a good-sized barrel, light swing weight, and a great price point. The online hype machine has never really run with this bat but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Wonderful barrel, great price point, and a good feel on a single-piece alloy make it a fun hit and a great purchase across the board. Our favorite is the drop 8 in USSSA and the BBCOR versions but they are all sincerely good.

General Recommendations

Those who want a single-piece alloy generally like bat speed and a lot of clear feedback on mishits. Note, when we say clear feedback we mean hand sting. However, if you’re a younger hitter not seeing a lot of pitch speed yet then it won’t be that big of a deal (unless you really take one off the end cap or handle). In any case, if you want a great deal on a top-performing bat then the 2024 Marucci F5 is a must-consider type of bat.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

When it comes to the delicate balance of cost and performance, few bats can truly rival this one. Its feather-light swing sets it apart, making it distinct from contenders like the Omaha from Slugger, though the latter might be its nearest competition. Still, when you pit it against the likes of its sophisticated sibling, the Marucci CAT X, or the much-celebrated Voodoo One, it’s astounding to note they’re priced almost 3 times higher yet its performance difference is nada. And if we’re talking bang for your buck in exit velocities, this bat truly delivers a powerhouse performance that’s worth every penny.

Previous Bats

There are no significant or measurable changes in the 2024 F5 to the 2022 Marucci F5. It is the same bat with a different paint job, essentially. And that’s great because the bat is fantastic.


Marucci’s 2024 F5 is built with multi-variable wall thickness. It uses different depths of alloy in the barrel to extend the sweet spot. It also swings light. These are features in bats that often price out two times its amount.