CAT X Vanta Composite

2024 Marucci CAT X Vanta Composite Review

Marucci has a new version of the CAT X Composite, named the 2024 Marucci CAT X Vanta Composite. Though the name might be a bit lengthy, the bat itself is impressive. It’s priced $20 higher in both USSSA and BBCOR categories, but its large barrel, light swing, and consistent hitting feel are worth it. We regarded the 2023 model as the top composite BBCOR for the initial months of the previous season. The 2024 version maintains this high standard. If you’re a fan of the black design and don’t mind the extra $20, this bat is for you.

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2024 CAT X Vanta Composite Models

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We love the big barrel, smooth smash, and seriously great feel on every type of hit. Smaller hitters who want plate coverage and swing speed like this bat in USSSA and BBCOR. As long as you can dial in the right size, you’ll find it to have the best plate coverage in the business. It’s no different than the 2023 version aside from the colorway. So, if you don’t want to save a few bucks then the 2023 version would be our recommendation. But, if you love the colorway and have $20 to burn, then this is it.

General Recommendations

The 2024 CAT X Vanta Composite is the real deal. If you play many games, see high pitch speed, and are willing to spend money to get top-end gear, then the CAT X Vanta Composite should be on your shortlist.

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Comparable Bats

The idea of a two-piece composite bat with a HUGE barrel is expected in the USSSA space. Companies like DeMarini and the CF Zen, Easton and their Ghost X (Mako), and Rawlings and their Quatro have been living there and thriving there for quite a while. The CAT Composite reminds us most of a nearly unheard-of bat in the Mizuno Ghost in terms of barrel size. However, as of 2018, the Mizuno Ghost was only a USA Bat. Marucci has yet to get into the USA space. If we compare construction and drop sizes, bats like Easton’s Ghost X and DeMarini’s CF Zen are close competitors to the CAT Composite.

Previous Bats

The 2023 Marucci CAT X Composite is the same bat as the 2024 Marucci CAT X Vanta Composite aside from the color up and a $20 increase.


The 2024 Marucci CAT X VANTA in BBCOR and USSSA boasts a one-piece alloy construction, ensuring a clean and consistent traditional swing feel. It’s crafted with AZR Aluminum for enhanced responsiveness, durability, and performance. The optimized barrel profile utilizes a ring-free, multi-variable wall design for an expanded sweet spot and better off-center hit performance. This design also allows for more barrel flex, eliminating any “dead” spots. The handle is thinner for improved bottom-hand control, and the custom-molded handle taper is ergonomically designed for each weight drop. A patent-pending liquid-gel dampening knob also absorbs vibrations for a smoother contact feel. The bat is finished with a micro-perforated soft-touch grip for superior handling and control.

Our Parting Pitch

The CATX VANTA COMPOSITE BBCOR bat features a two-piece composite construction, ensuring a longer barrel with a wider sweet spot. Its fine-tuned barrel profiles aim for a balanced design, allowing athletes to achieve faster swing speeds while preserving the larger composite barrels. The bat is crafted with multi-directional composite layers for an ultra-responsive barrel. The unique OLS connection links the barrel to the handle from the outside, offering the stiffest connection while eliminating almost all vibrations upon contact. The S-40 composite handle, with its stiffer build, facilitates a faster energy transfer from player to ball, optimizing performance. Like its predecessor, this version has a ring-free barrel construction, a custom-molded handle taper, and a micro-perforated soft-touch grip for improved control and feel.