2024 Easton Rope Review

Easton is looking to reinvent the BBCOR two-piece composite lineup with the 2024 ROPE. This is a two-piece composite that uses some interesting tech in the barrel. Apparently, it uses some kind of composite rope inside the barrel to help improve the consistency of the performance and expand the sweet spot. Of course, bats like these are often more about marketing jargon then they are about how their exit velocity has somehow outperformed the competition or previous iterations. But, nonetheless, we love to see companies pushing the envelope in what is possible and have full confidence in Easton’s team to deliver something exciting.

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Like most two-piece composite bats, our expectation of the 2024 Easton Rope is a massive barrel, light swing, great feel, and real hot out-of-the-wrapper type performance. This feels like a step in the right directly with a focus on a great feeling big-time BBCOR bat that spares no expense on the latest tech (or its price point). At the time of this writing, we expect to see this bat in the BBCOR versions only but may be surprised by a USSSA later this year.

General Recommendations

Two-piece composite bats with big barrels and lighter swings are made for entry-level BBCOR guys just learning to catch up to pitches and find gaps. Generally, big hitters will do well with any kind of bat and prefer the stiffer feel of big-time single-piece bats or hybrids. The 2024 Easton Rope will be built for that middle and top-of-the-order kid who likes a great feel and a massive barrel with the latest tech on blue bat (which there are surprisingly not very many of).

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Comparable Bats

The most comparable bat appears to be Marucci’s two piece composite CAT X composite. You can also find bats like the Louisville Slugger Meta and DeMarini’s CF as similar types of bats approaching the same market.

Previous Bats

The 2024 Easton Rope is the first of its kind. Of course, Easton has made two-piece composite bats before (the Hype is their most recent iteration). This most certainly builds on the chassis of that with the connection piece, but the barrel and handle seem to be entirely rethought. In other words, there are no ‘last year’s versions of the 2024 Easton Rope.


  • 3D Ropecoil Composite Technology: The 2024 Easton Rope BBCOR Baseball Bat features an innovative composite technology utilizing a composite material rope wound around the inner barrel. This design optimizes barrel thickness and enhances performance across a wider barrel area.
  • Opti-Flex Handle Technology: The bat incorporates Opti-Flex handle technology, which adjusts handle stiffness based on the bat’s length and weight. This offers a consistent feel while accommodating different bat sizes.
  • ConneXion Max Joint: The ConneXion Max joint ensures efficient energy transfer from the swing to the barrel. This energy is utilized by the 3D ropecoil technology within the bat for improved performance during contact with the pitch.
  • Unique Design: The Easton Rope BBCOR Baseball Bat introduces a distinctive approach to bat design with its 3D ropecoil composite technology, Opti-Flex handle, and ConneXion Max joint.
  • Innovation: The bat represents a step forward in composite technology, delivering a unique combination of features that impact both performance and design.
  • Elevated Gameplay: Enhance your playing experience with the 2024 Easton Rope BBCOR Baseball Bat, designed to optimize performance through innovative technologies.