2024 Easton MAV1 Review

The 2024 Easton MAV1 is a single-piece bat with a light swing in USSSA and BBCOR. It replaces the ALX line from Easton’s 2022/23 lineup and comes without the soft knob, a similar price point, and some upgraded alloy in the barrel. Our initial reaction to the bat is that this is Easton’s attempt to get in the Voodoo One market. The bat certainly hits the ball hard, swings light, and at a price point of $100 less than the Voodoo One (in BBCOR), it’s a legit option.

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The 2024 Easton MAV1 stands as a single-piece bat, featuring a lightweight swing in both USSSA and BBCOR versions. Taking over from Easton’s 2022/23 ALX series, the MAV1 offers an upgraded alloy barrel while omitting the soft knob which we liked from the previous versions. This bat seems to target the Voodoo One market, delivering big hits, easy swings, and a notably lower price point, $100 below the Voodoo One in BBCOR, making it a viable choice.

General Recommendations

Single-piece alloy bats with a light swing, as the 2024 MAV1 from Easton is, tend well for the middle of the order and power-level kid who like a stiff feel but wants to swing the bat fast. If you are concerned about staying on time and want a bat that will hit it real hard if you can find the barrel then the MAV1 from Easton should be a good get.

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Comparable Bats

There are several similar bats on the market. Bats like Marucci’s CAT X and DeMarini’s Voodoo One are similar bats that cost more. Victus also has a bat called the LEV3 which is a comparable bat to the MAV1.

Previous Bats

There is no previous version of the MAV1. Easton’s single piece line from last year is the ALX and it appears that the MAV1 is to replace that entirely in USSSA and BBCOR.


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