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2024 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

The 2024 DeMarini Voodoo One, released on 8/2/2023, features a reinforced knob and a familiar barrel design, quickly becoming a favorite among TCU hitters at the 2023 CWS. Its popularity across sales channels confirms its appeal. While it’s a solid choice for certain players, its high rating of 9.6/10 also reflects the potential improvements from the reinforced knob. Priced $50 higher than its 2022 version, it’s now the priciest single-piece alloy bat, raising questions about its continued demand.

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The Voodoo One has sparked significant online buzz, leading to stock shortages and resale for profit, a practice that’s quite disheartening. Initially overshadowed by promotional hype, the bat faced issues with its knob frequently breaking off, a flaw belatedly reported by outlets. In response, the 2024 Voodoo One features a reinforced metal knob, addressing past deficiencies. While not the ultimate bat for every BBCOR player, it offers a light swing, a high-performing barrel, and a sleek design. Suitable for strong hitters seeking extra length or those prioritizing bat speed, it’s a commendable choice despite its smaller barrel profile.

General Recommendations

This bat can be suitable for a wide range of players. It is designed to cater to high school stars and gap-type college hitters who don’t care about barrel profile and feel lighter is better. That’s most certainly not everyone, but it’s plenty. The bat’s easy-swinging design and fortified metal compound knob make it a good choice for players who value control and, we can only hope and pray this early in the game, durability in their equipment.

Our general recommendation is $399 for a single-piece alloy bat is more than you should pay. Other bats, like the Atlas, Marucci CAT X, or F5, Victus Lev3 Vandal, and many others, perform just as well as the Voodoo One for a measurable difference in price. But, if you want to swing what some of the kids who think they are cool swing, this might be it.

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Comparable Bats

There are a lot of single piece alloy bats with a light swing including the Marucci CAT X, the Slugger Atlas, Easton’s ALX and Rawlings VELO/Clout. But, none of those bats are $400.

Previous Bats

Before we get in the knob, DeMarini is changing the warranty structure with unlimited replacements based on the purchase date (1 year) or the last date it was replaced (3 months). You can read more about that here.

The fortified metal knob is the upgrade from the 2023 and 2022 versions of the Voodoo One. As you may have seen, the Voodoo One’s knob fell off often enough without even serious provocation. DeMarini attacks this specific knob problem in an explicit acknowledgment that their previous bat knob was not worthy of a $350 bat. Now, the knew knob, apparently, is worthy a $400 bat.


The DeMarini Voodoo One (-3) BBCOR Bat has a barrel constructed with a one-piece alloy design known for its durability and performance. The bat’s signature X14 Alloy Barrel delivers power and control, while the fortified knob, made from a compound of metal and composite materials, attempts durability and leverage during a swing. The bat also features a Tracer End Cap and a tapered construction to mitigate hand sting while stockpiling hits.