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2024 DeMarini The Goods Review

The 2024 DeMarini The Goods, a two-piece hybrid bat, maintains its legacy with exceptional feel and performance. Despite its higher price, the most for any hybrid, it offers an extended warranty, an improved connection piece, and a new knob. While we’ve championed The Goods since 2019 for its X14 alloy and power, there’s a slight hesitation with this model due to the price bump and the strong running of bats like the Warstic Hybrid and Select PWR, though it remains a formidable choice for serious hitters.

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2024 The Goods, The Goods Camo Models

Models Overview

The 2024 DeMarini The Goods lineup is tailored for power hitters, featuring a stiff two-piece construction with an X14 Alloy Barrel. While the BBCOR version is confirmed, details on USA and USSSA models are pending. The Goods aims to cater to strong hitters in high school and college, emphasizing a heavier swing and efficient energy transfer for maximum power​. That said, we find even smaller hitters tend to like it as they size down an inch.

General Recommendations

For power hitters preferring a stiff, two-piece bat, the 2024 DeMarini The Goods in BBCOR is a solid choice with a great alloy barrel with no break-in needed. However, its higher price point should deter many, especially in the absence of confirmed USA and USSSA versions and strong comps like the Warstic Hybrid and Select PWR from Slugger.

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Comparable Bats

There are several two-piece hybrid bats with a bit of an end-load on the market. The bat with the most similarities might be the Louisville Slugger Select PWR and Warstic’s Bonesaber Hybrid. Marucci’s CAT X Connect is also top-rated and could give The Goods the best run for its money.

Previous Bats

The 2024 DeMarini The Goods distinguishes itself from its 2023 predecessor with a few key updates aimed at enhancing durability. Notably, the 2024 model introduces a redesigned connection piece to improve durability, an expanded warranty, and a fortified knob. The telescoping problem of earlier models is hopefully fixed. While the 2023 version was celebrated for its widespread appeal among hitters of all sizes and its consistent top-ranking performance, the 2024 iteration seeks to build on this foundation with its structural improvements, despite the potential hesitation due to its higher price point and the new knob design.


  • The 2022 “The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat” is designed for the middle of the batting order.
  • It features an X14 Alloy Barrel and a stiff composite handle.
  • The bat is favored by high school and college baseball’s strongest hitters due to its heavy swing weight and significant energy transfer upon contact.
  • It incorporates Half + Half Technology with a Direct Connection to reduce hand sting while providing a stiff feel for high exit velocities.
  • The end cap has been redesigned using stronger composite materials to optimize barrel performance, allowing powerful hitters to unlock raw power.

Our Parting Pitch

The 2024 DeMarini The Goods bat is a testament to DeMarini’s commitment to innovation and performance. With its focus on durability, improved connection piece, and expanded warranty, it offers a compelling option for serious hitters despite its premium price.