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2024 DeMarini The Goods One Piece Review

The 2024 DeMarini The Goods One Piece is back with the same makeup plus a new fortified knob with a $50 price bump. This is the same knob they put on the Voodoo One as well as the 2024 The Goods Hybrid. It’s a balanced single-piece alloy with an average-sized barrel and really good performance. In the world of Atlas, Bonesaber, and Voodoo One, our prediction is at $400 it will struggle to make market share. Still, though, for that kid who likes a stiff feel in a mid loaded single-piece bat, the 2024 The Goods One will be a solid choice. While you can find the older versions in stock we suggest that the way to go.

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2024 The Goods One Piece Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the stiff feel and mid-loaded feel of the DeMarini The Goods One. It really can hit the crap out of the ball if you can find the barrel. And, for most skilled hitters, that isn’t a problem. A solid bat that is likely overpriced compared to its peers. But, if you’re on the DeMarini train and think the Voodoo One swings too light, then this is your guy in the single piece alloy space.

General Recommendations

In time we expect to see a USSSA and USA versions of the 2024 The Goods One. For now, it releases in BBCOR for the kid who likes a stiff feel and a mid load on a single-piece bat with an average to smaller-sized barrel. Our general sense is there’s not a lot to be excited about here as it’s not different (save a more durable knob it likely didn’t need) than the previous versions of the bat that price out $50 less brand new. As long as you can find an older version of this bat, and unless you’re in full love with the 2024 Goods One colorway (which is reasonable), then we’d go with the 2022 version for now.

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Comparable Bats

Comparable bats include the Solo from Slugger, Eatson’s Alpha ALX line as well as Mizuno’s Hot Metal. However, there are several companies that make single-piece alloy bats and many of them are also comparable.

Previous Bats

Compared to the 2022 DeMarini added a fortified knob in the bat. The Voodoo One had some breakage issues with the knob so they replaced the knob in it, and the other 2024 bats like The Goods and The Goods One, with this new fortified knob. We didn’t hear many reports of The Goods One knob breaking. But, alas, it has this new knob in the 2024 and, aside from a $50, there’s nothing else.


  • Overview:
    • It features the signature X14 Alloy Barrel, known for its potency, and is now adorned with a new USA flag decal.
    • The bat’s construction is stiff and one-piece, made entirely of alloy. This design mirrors the feel of wood bats.
    • At the base of the alloy handle is a Fortified Metal Compound Knob. This knob has been restructured using a blend of alloy and composite materials, enhancing its durability and providing improved leverage.
    • DeMarini offers an Expanded Warranty for this bat, covering multiple repairs or exchanges during the first year after purchase.

    Key Features:

    1. X14 Alloy Barrel: A large alloy barrel tailored specifically for elite power hitters.
    2. Tremor End Cap: Redesigned using stronger materials to ensure barrel integrity and enhance power.
    3. One-Piece Construction: Offers maximum stiffness, leading to ultimate bat speed and an ultra-responsive feel.
    4. Fortified Metal Compound Knob: Crafted with a renewed blend of alloy and composite materials to boost durability and provide better leverage.
    5. Expanded Warranty: DeMarini’s BBCOR warranty covers multiple repairs or exchanges for the first year after purchasing any stock or custom bat.