2023 Warstic Bonesaber Review

The 2023 Warstic Bonesaber is a BBCOR, USSSA, and USA single-piece aluminum bat with a unique and much-loved tapered handle.

We used several hitters on the 2023 BBCOR Warstic Bonesaber line of bats. All think it is one of the best-feeling single-piece aluminum bats on the market. The tapered handle makes a real difference, and the barrel performance felt as good as any aluminum BBCOR bat on the market and, in BBCOR at least, better than most.

If you’re looking for a top-end single-piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, then the Warstic Bonesaber for 2023 deserves all your attention.

2023 Bonesaber Models

Models Overview

The 2023 Warstic Bonesaber is a standout single-piece aluminum bat with a beloved tapered handle. Multiple hitters have tried it and agree it’s one of the best-feeling bats on the market. The barrel performance is exceptional, rivaling top-tier aluminum BBCOR bats and surpassing many. If you want a high-quality single-piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, the 2023 Warstic Bonesaber should be on your list.

General Recommendations

The Warstic Bonesaber stands out in a crowded field; even though it has a higher price tag than run of the mill single piece alloy, it’s less expensive than some of the dominating ones (Voodoo One, CAT X). Among the single-piece aluminum bats available, the 2023 Bonesaber captures attention due unique handle. It caters to players who prefer the firm feel of a single piece with a slow transition knob.

Our main drawback is its price point, which is $349 for a single piece. The proprietary tapered knob is a standout feature, but it becomes challenging to justify the additional $100+ compared to bats like the Omaha in the same category. Whether the extra cost is worth it ultimately depends on individual preferences, and that’s a question we can’t definitively answer for everyone.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

When it comes to the handle, both the Warstic Bonesaber and Axe bats have unique designs. They share similarities in providing more girth in the bottom hand, which results in increased contact area. However, unlike the Axe handles that are asymmetric, the Warstic Bonesaber adopts a more traditional flare, akin to the handles found on wood bats. If we were to pick the most comparable bat to the Bonesaber, it would be the Axe Strato, which is also a single-piece aluminum bat featuring a distinctive knob, much like the Warstic Bonesaber.

[Update: Since this original writing, Axe has released a more flared knob that rivals the Bonesaber]

Previous Bats

The 2023 Bonesaber has some upgraded alloy and a lighter swing than the 2021 version. But, overall, it’s the same idea. Good barrel lighter swing, and great exit speeds.


The Bonesaber bat boasts a Katana2X Alloy Barrel, made of premium ultra-lightweight alloy with a double taper shape to optimize the sweet spot. It incorporates the patented Pommel Precision Knob, offering comfort and control with a professional-style design. The Tsuka Warrior’s Grip, an ultra-thin synthetic leather, delivers control. The bat features an Aerophite Cap, crafted from light composite material, hoping for durability and swing speed.