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2023 Warstic Bonesaber

By Bat Digest

Updated July 28, 2023

2023 Warstic Bonesaber Featured Image
The 2023 Warstic Bonesaber is a BBCOR, USSSA, and USA single-piece aluminum bat with a unique and much-loved tapered handle. We used several hitters on the 2023 BBCOR Warstic Bonesaber line of bats. All think it is one of the best-feeling single-piece aluminum bats on the market. The tapered handle makes a real difference, and the barrel performance felt as good as any aluminum BBCOR bat on the market and, in BBCOR at least, better than most. If you're looking for a top-end single-piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, then the Warstic Bonesaber for 2023 deserves all your attention.
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The 2023 Warstic Bonesaber is a standout single-piece aluminum bat with a beloved tapered handle. Multiple hitters have tried it and agree it's one of the best-feeling bats on the market. The barrel performance is exceptional, rivaling top-tier aluminum BBCOR bats and surpassing many. If you want a high-quality single-piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, the 2023 Warstic Bonesaber should be on your list.

General Recommendations

The Warstic Bonesaber stands out in a crowded field; even though it has a higher price tag than run of the mill single piece alloy, it's less expensive than some of the dominating ones (Voodoo One, CAT X). Among the single-piece aluminum bats available, the 2023 Bonesaber captures attention due unique handle. It caters to players who prefer the firm feel of a single piece with a slow transition knob. Our main drawback is its price point, which is $349 for a single piece. The proprietary tapered knob is a standout feature, but it becomes challenging to justify the additional $100+ compared to bats like the Omaha in the same category. Whether the extra cost is worth it ultimately depends on individual preferences, and that's a question we can't definitively answer for everyone.

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The 2023 Bonesaber has some upgraded alloy and a lighter swing than the 2021 version. But, overall, it's the same idea. Good barrel lighter swing, and great exit speeds.


The Bonesaber bat boasts a Katana2X Alloy Barrel, made of premium ultra-lightweight alloy with a double taper shape to optimize the sweet spot. It incorporates the patented Pommel Precision Knob, offering comfort and control with a professional-style design. The Tsuka Warrior's Grip, an ultra-thin synthetic leather, delivers control. The bat features an Aerophite Cap, crafted from light composite material, hoping for durability and swing speed.