2023 Rawlings Clout Review

To understand the 2023 Clout, we like to think of it as the new Rawlings 5150. The bat focuses on a smooth swing, big barrel and semi-stiffer feel. All those features come from the Rawlings VELO, too. For 2023, the Clout comes in with a USSSA drop 10 and 8, USA drop 10 and a BBCOR version (that we’ve only seen at the college world series).

2023 Clout Models

Models Overview

So far, the Clout has good to excellent reviews. It’s an under-the-radar bat that gets very little press. But, it has a big barrel, light swing, and a price point that tends to be more attractive when competing against the two-piece composites that go on $200 more. If you want something that swings light in the single-piece alloy space (ala the Velo) then the Clout should get your attention.

General Recommendations

Generally, in USSSA and USA, we think players prefer two-piece composite bats like the Rawlings ICON over a bat like the Clout. However, if you are dabbling in bats and need one to get by and are committed to a Rawlings bat, then the Clout is your ticket. If you’re in BBCOr and want a solid single-piece alloy, then the Clout will work well whenever it becomes available. We only saw the BBCOR version at the College World Series (2023).

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are a lot of single-piece alloy bats with good barrels and light swings. Look closely at a bat like The Goods One, The Voodoo One (both from DeMarini), and the Atlas from Slugger. We also like the ALX from Easton as another under-the-radar bat.

Previous Bats

The 2023 Clout is the first version of the bat. As we mention above, we think this is Rawlings reshaping the VELO line so we don’t expect to see the VELO anymore. The Clout will replace it. That said, who knows what these people are thinking sometimes. In any case, you won’t find any previous versions of the Clout as this 2023 version is the 1st iteration.


The 2023 Rawlings Clout is generally designed with the latest hitting technology from Rawlings; it is their creme de la creme in the single-piece alloy space. It is constructed from REDAlloy+, an ultra-responsive, aerospace-grade alloy. The bat features extra-thin walls that enhance the trampoline effect off the barrel, improving hitting performance. The design also emphasizes lightweight construction, aiming to deliver the lightest swing weight possible, which increases the bat’s speed and adds more explosiveness to each hit. Additionally, each Clout bat is equipped with RevGrip, a premium grip material that provides superior cushion and tack for the user.

Our Parting Pitch

The Rawlings Clout has a balanced swing feel. It is made from a one-piece, all-alloy construction, specifically the RED Alloy+, an ultra-responsive aerospace-grade alloy designed for performance and durability. This bat has the thinnest walls that Rawlings could design, hoping to provide a unique sound and feel on contact. It also incorporates Flex Technology to optimize barrel performance while reducing vibration. The bat comes in a blue and black colorway and, in USSSA, has a 2 3/4 inch barrel diameter with a drop of 10 and 8. In USA it is a 2 5/8 with a drop 10. BBCOR diameters are 2 5/8 as well. It is Rawlings’ easiest swinging bat. This bat is anticipated to be popular among 7-through-12-year-olds.