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2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR Review

One of our favorite and most underrated bats is back for the 2023 series. In what might be the biggest news of the bat season, Slugger releases a USSSA version of the Select. They haven’t done that since 2018. They’ll also have a full complement of highly rated USA bats in the Select PWR, and the very popular Select PWR in BBCOR for 2023. This is, far and away, the most excited we are for any bat line in 2023.

2023 Select PWR Models

Models Overview

Except for the light-swinging BBCOR player, the 2023 Slugger Select PWR is for everyone. For 2023, it comes in a light swinging drop 10 USA bat and a meaty drop 5 USSSA. The BBCOR version hasn’t changed much from the 2022 version of the bat, but that’s nothing to complain about. The 2022 version, like the ’23 version, is for serious hitters and has a stiff connection piece with a barrel that rakes.

General Recommendations

In BBCOR, we think big hitters who want something that isn’t the DeMarini the Goods should look to the Select PWR first. The USSSA versions of the bat pose a bit of a mystery—as the hybrid space in USSSA has never had the hype that two-piece composites get. That said, for its price point, we think they’re better buys than single-piece alloys, and there is a real chance the select USSSA drop 5 is the best in its class. The USA versions of the Select PWR are top-shelf choices, and we like the drop 8 and 5 for the serious player looking for all the bats they can handle. The drop ten players might do better elsewhere, but we won’t blame them if they’re in love with the Select PWR.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The most comparable bat line is either The Goods from DeMarini or the HZRDUS from True Temper. Each has an extensive hybrid bat selection across the USSSA, BBCOR, and USA lines. They also focus more on the power hitter who likes a stiff feel and a big barrel and isn’t that concerned about the lightest swing.

Previous Bats

The 2022 version only came in a BBCOR version of the bat. So, compared to the BBCOR 2022, the only difference is a lighter end cap for the 2023 BBCOR version. Compared to the 2021 USA versions of the bat, the barrel material is different, but they are fundamentally the same. For the USSSA versions of the 2023 Select PWR, everything is different compared to the 2018 version of the 718 Select.


The 2023 Louisville Slugger Select is a Hybrid bat with a big barrel and heavier-than-average swing weight. In BBCOR, you can expect it to swing on the heavy side. Drop 10 USA and USSSA have done a lot to make it swing light, but it is not as light as some single-piece alloys and two-piece composites. The connection piece is different in the BBCOR compared to the bat’s USSSA and USA versions. The BBCOR uses a stiff connection, making feedback on the hands more readily apparent. The connection piece in the youth bats is more flexible than in the Meta class of bats that focus on a great feel on every hit.