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2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas is a single-piece bat that uses unique variable wall thickness to lower swing weight and improves performance along the length of the barrel. Although Slugger does not, we consider this the new and ‘improved’ Solo series from Slugger. It is another in a long list of bats trying to capture the hype train created by the resurrection of the Voodoo One series in DeMarini. The Atlas performs great in BBCOR, but there are some real durability issues in the BBCOR bat. In USSSA, it’s hard to love, and in the USA, it’s probably the best drop 12 on the market. For the 2023 College World Series, Slugger released a 2023 “Atlas Omaha” in BBCOR in limited sizes.

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2023 Atlas, Atlas Omaha Models

Models Overview

We like the Atlas in BBCOR for smaller players that want a light swing weight or the bigger hitter that wants a wood-like feel in a lightweight swinging alloy bat. It’s a base hitter bat. It could be worthwhile if you are okay with dealing with a potential warranty replacement. In USSSA, few gravitate towards a single-piece alloy and like it as much as two-piece composites. USA bats in the drop 12 space are hard to come by, so if you are in that market and have $250 to spend, then the USA 2023 Atlast might be your ticket.

General Recommendations

Generally, we like the BBCOR for its light swing and good-sized barrel for a single-piece alloy. It feels good, too. USSSA bat leaves a lot to be desired. In USA it’s excellent if you need a very light swinging bat with a long length.

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Comparable Bats

There are a lot of single-piece alloy bats on the market, as they are the easiest to create and get approved in each league. Bats like the Voodoo One, the Easton ALX, or even a bat like Warstic’s Bonesaber are all legitimate bats that come in a light-swinging single-piece alloy.

Previous Bats

There is no 2022 Atlas. However, we consider the Atlas as the new and “improved” Solo series from Slugger. The Solo also used variable wall thickness and a unique end cap to help bring down swing weight in a single-piece alloy bat.


The 2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas is a single-piece bat that uses a variable wall thickness to produce a light swing and good-performing barrel. Slugger claims the new barrel is a ‘first in class’ software invention using some kinetic response to produce the right thickness in the barrel to maximize a light swing and optimal performance. This sounds interesting, but we aren’t sure what it means exactly. In effect, the bat uses different thicknesses in the barrel to produce a bat that performs well along its length. Variable wall thickness isn’t new to the game—The VELO and Rawlings have been doing it for years. But, Slugger claims they decided how to tune the walls is different. Fair enough.

The 2023 Atlas Omaha is the same as the Atlas but with a new colorway commemorating the 2023 College World Series. We will follow the NCAA bats here if you want a closer look.