2023 Easton Maxum Review

The 2023 Easton Maxum Ultra is patterned after the 2021 Maxum Ultra in a single-piece composite with a giant barrel and moderately light swing. It is the same as the 2021 version of the bat but only comes in a BBCOR and a 32 through the 34-inch length. Had it been more widely available, we’d consider it one of the best BBCORs on the market. Easton is not interested in making this bat its marquee swing, but we predict that one day it will be impossible to find. (USSSA hitters will have to go with the 2021).

2023 Maxum Models

Models Overview

We are fans, and everyone who swings it is a fan. In fact, the bat gets the best ratings on the site in the only place it can be purchased (Easton.com here). It’s a huge barrel, light swing, and an excellent feel for being a single-piece composite.

General Recommendations

We’d put this bat up in the top five 2023 BBCOR bats. But since it’s hard to find (only at Easton.com) and doesn’t come in a 31-inch, it’s hard to say its a must-get. But, if you want something off the beaten path that hasn’t been run over by the type train a few times, then check out the 2023 Maxum Ultra.

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Comparable Bats

There are not very many single-piece composite bats out there. Your closest relative of the bat is JustBats Combat B2, which, and there’s a long story here, is the sister at of this Easton maxum XXL. Both come from the Combat labs of days gone by, but after a bankruptcy restructure, you can find this single-piece composite in an Easton line and a JustBats line. Weird, but it is what it is.

Previous Bats

The bat, as far as we can tell, has no changes between the 2021 version and the 2023 version. Our guess is these are left over 2021 models that have been colored up for 2023 and then sold exclusively on Easton’s site.


The BB23MX baseball bat is a high-performance 1-piece composite bat from the Maxum series. It has a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches and a BBCOR certification, making it suitable for high school and collegiate baseball. The Flow-Tack Grip ensures a comfortable and secure grip while swinging. It’s similar to Lizard Skin, but it’s not. The bat is made of full composite material, which gives it flex and a light swing in a single-piece design. It was released in 2023 and comes with a 1-year warranty. This bat is designed for serious baseball players looking for a top-of-the-line composite bat with great performance and quality.

Our Parting Pitch

Our best marketing write-up:

Introducing the Maxum Ultra from Easton, a 1-piece composite bat with an XXL sweet spot, offering a blend of speed and power. The bat has been designed based on player feedback, with increased mass in the barrel for added advantage. It features Seamless Carbon Construction, combining the stiff feel of a 1-piece bat with the smoothness of a composite. The Flow-Tack Grip offers superior cushioning and tackiness. Leading college programs use Easton’s BBCOR bats and have a successful history in the College World Series.