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2023 Easton Black Magic Review

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Models Overview

The 2023 Easton Black Magic is a single-piece alloy bat that is a repaint of the 2022 Easton ALX. The Black Magic is a throwback version with a nostalgic paint job reminiscent of the mid-1990s bat that many players’ parents may have swung. More than a few players are used in the college world series.

General Recommendations

As with the ALX, the Black Magic is made for a hitter who likes feedback, a single-piece bat, and a bit of an endload. The USSSA versions of the bat are $50 more than the ALX, so it doesn’t seem to make much sense to pay more unless you really love the paint job, and you might. However, there is NO drop 5 in the ALX like there is in the Black Magic. As well, the BBCOR version is the same price as the ALX.

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Comparable Bats

Other similar bats are single piece bats with decent swing weights. Look for a bat like DeMarini’s The Goods One Piece or Marucci’s CAT 9.

Previous Bats

There was no 2022 version of the bat, but take a close look at the 2022 ALX if you want to see a similar older bats than the Black Magic.


The Easton Black Magic for 2023 is a single-piece bat with a Power Boost Knob.