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2023 Easton Alpha ALX Review

The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX is a single-piece bat that, as far as we can tell, is a replica of the 2022 Easton ALX save the paint job. The bat has a lighter swing weight and an average-sized barrel profile. The Alpha comes in several lengths, drops, and sizes, including BBCOR and USA. Our favorite is the BBCOR version of the bat, which supports a more reasonable price point.

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Models Overview

Our bigger hitters liked the BBCOR 2023 Alpha ALX as much as other single-piece alloys, including the Voodoo One. It’s a single-piece bat, so don’t expect a lot of forgiveness on mishits. Regarding BBCOR exit speeds, it’s right there with everything else.

General Recommendations

The ALX in USA is an excellent pick if you want a good-performing bat for a reasonable price. If you like the feel of a single-piece alloy and want a mid-loaded swing, it works well for BBCOR. The bat has good durability and a more reasonable price point than many bats on the market. If you want something simple and don’t buy into the hype of ‘hot bats,’ then the 2023 ALX could be your ticket out here.

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Comparable Bats

Single piece alloy bats are all over the place. Bats like Stinger’s Nuke or Missile, Sluggers Omaha or Atlas, DeMarini’s Voodoo One or The Goods One are all built after the same mould. It is difficult to differentiate them.

Previous Bats

The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX replaces the 2022 Easton ALX; however, it comes with no upgrades. The 2023 uses the same R5 alloy, flywall barrel design, power boost knob, and flow tack grip as the 2022 version.


The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX is a single-piece alloy bat in USA and BBCOR. (USSSA versions are likely forthcoming, but we don’t have information on them yet).

You can find marketing spec write-ups on sites like Dicks Sporting Goods.

  • R5™ Alloy – Designed with a lightweight, high-performing alloy, providing a high barrel response and outstanding durability
  • FlyWall™ Barrel Design – Ringless barrel design that utilizes different layers of alloy across the barrel to create an even bigger sweet spot and a smoother feel at contact
  • Power Boost™ “Soft Knob” Technology – Provides hitters with more leverage while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • Flow-Tack™ Grip – Easton’s most premium grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack in a tri-color design.

Our Parting Pitch

The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat features the latest in alloy bat design — and you’ll feel the difference. We built this bat using R5 Alloy, giving the Alpha ALX an extremely responsive material and great durability. The FlyWall Barrel Design features a ringless engineering process that creates a huge sweet spot and silky smooth feel at contact. You’ll put everyone on notice with the “ping” this bat unleashes when you get ahold of the right pitch.

To ensure this bat feels perfect in your hands, we gave it a Power Boost Soft Knob, which gives you more leverage while reducing vibration, and Flow-Tack, our most premium bat grip. This results in the perfect balance of cushion and grip, giving you a bat that feels like it’s meant to drop bombs every time you pick it up.

The 2023 Easton Alpha ALX -3 BBCOR Bat will make you feel dangerous every time you step in the box. Get yours today and experience what the right technology can do for you!