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2023/2022 DeMarini Zoa Glitch Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2023/2022 DeMarini Zoa Glitch Review Featured Image

The 2023 DeMarini Zoa Glitch (sometimes called the 2022) is a two-piece composite bat with a huge barrel, light swing, and stiffer connection piece compared to the CF. The 'Glitch' version of the Zoa is no different than the non-glitch version other than the paint job.

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2023 Zoa Glitch Video
*Note: The current bat is still under review. Our ratings will change as more information is gathered and more players get it in their hands. Expect updates.

2023 Zoa Glitch Models

We like the ZOA Glitch for many hitters, especially those who are serious about travel and competitive baseball and want the 'best' the industry offers. The ZOA Glitch has the latest and greatest tech from DeMarini, if nothing else, its price point proves that. Expect a considerable barrel, an excellent feel, and top-end performance every time you square it up.

General Recommendations

The ZOA Glitch is made for the serious player that wants a huge barrel, light swing, and a ton of plate coverage. The bat has a stiffer connection piece than most two-piece bats, but it is still plenty flexible---making every hit feel like a bomb. If you want a BBCOR version of this bat, then look at the 2022 ZOA.

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There are no changes between the 2023/22 Zoa Glitch and the 2022 Zoa, except for the paint job. The drop 10 is a light-swinging bat for its class. The drop 8 is right in the middle of its swing weights, and the drop 5 swings heavy. 


The 2023 DeMarini ZOA Glitch (also known as the 2022 DeMarini Zoa Glitch) is a two-piece composite bat that uses the "Anomaly" connection piece for a stiffer transition when compared to a bat like the CF. The end cap is light and uses a single continuous fiber composite wall in the barrel. All of these are marketing jargon that ultimately means very little; they are only used to distinguish it from other bats on the market and the sister DeMarini bats like the CF.

Zoa Glitch