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2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro Review

The jury is still out if the improvements to the barrel, connection piece, and knob are worth the changes for the 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro in USSSA and BBCOR. But, the changes are more than just cosmetic. Are they a change for good or modifications for the sake of change we will see as the season progresses (and we update this page with what we find)? But, to be sure, we are watching the 2022 Quatro Pro with a lot of interest.

2022 Quatro Pro Models

Models Overview

There’s still a lot to learn about the 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro. The bat is changed from the 2021 and previous year’s versions of the Quatro Pro. But are the changes for changes’ sake, or are they for goodness sake? Time will only tell, but we have high hopes for the Quatro Pro and will update this page when we get more information and data on the 2022 Quatro Pro. But, with changes to the knob, a redesigned barrel and a new connecting piece, the 2022 Quatro Pro has some serious legs.

General Recommendations

Generally, the two-piece composite Rawlings Quatro Pro is built for hitters looking for the most amount of bat speed in a bat that feels great and has a huge barrel. For bigger hitters who want a similar feel but want more swing weight, if they can’t get what they want by simply sizing up in the Quatro Pro, t the new 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro MAX (in BBCOR only) is an interesting take.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There are several two-piece composite bats built with a big barrel and light swing. These types of bats attracted the good to great hitter who plays a lot of baseball, prefers light swings and wants a big barrel and top-end performance. Easton’s version is called the ADV Hype (previously known as the ADV 360); DeMarini has a CF and a ZOA; Marucci has the CAT 9 Composite; Louisville Slugger has a Prime and Meta. The 2022 Quatro from Rawlings is their take on this premium lineup.

Previous Bats

There are several changes from the 2021 and 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro. They’ve changed the connection piece to be stiffer —that is across each line. So, if you didn’t like how loose the connection felt from 2017 through 2021 BBCOR or USSSA bats, expect the 2022 version as much stiffer bat. They’ve also added a carve-out in the knob where a blast motion sensor fits.


Like previous years, the 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro is a two-piece composite bat with a massive barrel and ultra-light swing. Major changes come in the knob which is built to hold a Blast Motion sensor and a reengineered connection piece for greater stiffness. Still, though, the bat is made with a big barrel and a light swing which is what hitters expect from the Rawlings Quatro Pro. It comes in a USSSA drop 10, 8 and 5 and a BBCOR version.

Our Parting Pitch

For many seasons, our Quatro Pro bats have been known as some of the hottest you can find. The 2022 Quatro Pro USSSA/BBCOR baseball bat is no exception either! This model was reengineered to optimize your swing so you can drive in more runs. This highly anticipated release was developed through various prototype tests, and it was preferred by hundreds of top athletes across the country! This youth Quatro Pro bat is the real deal, and will give you the ultimate balanced power at the plate.

This 2-piece bat was constructed with unique composite layering which creates enhanced trampoline across the length of the barrel. As a result, you’ll be able to crush balls off its huge sweet spot. Its improved collar construction also creates a durable, locked connection which helps reduce vibrations and stingers at contact too. Its Lizard Skins grip gives you incredible tack and comfort, so you can stay focused on each pitch. These new USSSA Quatro Pro bats are even equipped with a Blast MotionĀ® sensor enabled knob*. Just twist the sensor into the knob, and get access to valuable insights and advanced data that will help you improve your swing in real time.

The 2022 Quatro Pro USSSA baseball bat is available in -5, -8 and -10 drops making it perfect for any youth player who wants a balanced bat to help them hit more dingers. Put fear into the eyes of opposing pitchers, order yours now!

*Blast Motion Sensor sold separately

**Due to manufacturing tolerances, certification calculations and standards, or added materials such as grip tape or decals, drop is not intended to and should not be relied upon to calculate the actual weight of this bat as sold.