Alpha ALX

2022 Easton Alpha ALX Review

The 2022 Easton Alpha ALX is a single-piece bat that absorbs the Alpha Fuze and Alpha ALX lines from Easton’s 2021 makeup. The bat has a lighter swing weight and average-sized barrel profile. The Alpha comes in several lengths, drops, and sizes. Our favorite is the BBCOR version of the bat, which supports a more reasonable price point (although increased by $50 over last year’s Alpha and Fuze) and top-end exit speeds.

2022 Alpha ALX Models

Models Overview

Our bigger hitters liked the BBCOR Alpha ALX as much as other single-piece alloys, including the Voodoo One. In USSSA and USA, the bat fell flat for many, especially compared to more giant two-piece composite bats like the CF, Zoa, or Meta. But, the price is reasonable, and the bat does feel very good. There is no doubt the ALX is built to the limit of its performance standards.

General Recommendations

The 2022 Easton Alpha ALX is for the entry-level youth player just getting their feet wet, the experienced youth player looking for a value buy, or the solid high school player that likes a single-piece alloy. We prefer the ALX as a bigger hitter’s high school bat more than we do for a youth player looking to get their feet wet—we generally think the better approach for those types is two-piece composites. However, the 2022 Easton ALX is a reasonable choice for those who believe (rightfully so) that the hitter makes the bat.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

There is no shortage of single-piece alloy bats with a focus on premium performance. Most popular is a batting line like the CAT 9, Omaha, or Solo. In BBCOR, the Voodoo One is also a comparable single-piece alloy.

Previous Bats

The 2022 Easton Alpha ALX replaces the 2021 Easton Alpha and Easton Fuze. Those 2021 bats were single-piece alloy bats with a balanced (Alpha) and light (Fuze) swing. The ALX appears to have split the difference between the two in swing weight. The ‘new’ alloy for the ALX gives the bat a bit of a different shape when compared to its predecessors with a more extensive barrel profile.

Still, though the Alpha ALX has the Power Boost knobs, these are the soft knob technology popular in Easton bats in the last few years. We are big fans. The 2022 ALX serves the same market as the Fuze and Alpha from 2021- the premium single-piece alloy player.

The most significant change, at least according to some, is the bat’s price point. The BBCOR version of the bat is explicitly raised by $50 to $299. We mourn the reality that just a few short years ago, single-piece alloy bats were $150 to $199. Now, without fail, they are all approaching $300.


The 2022 Easton Alpha ALX is a single-piece alloy bat that comes in USA, USSSA and BBCOR. Here are marketing spec write-ups that you can find on sites like Dicks Sporting Goods here.

  • R5™ Alloy – Designed with a lightweight, high-performing alloy, providing a high barrel response and great durability
  • FlyWall™ Barrel Design – Ringless barrel design that utilizes different layers of alloy across the barrel to create an even bigger sweet spot and a smoother feel at contact
  • Power Boost™ “Soft Knob” Technology – Provides hitters with more leverage, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • Flow-Tack™ Grip – Easton’s most premium grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack in a tri-color design

Our Parting Pitch

Introducing Easton’s Alpha ALX™, a one-piece aluminum bat that absolutely crushes! The Alpha ALX is constructed with R5™ Alloy, a lightweight and high-performing alloy, providing a high barrel response with great durability. FlyWall™ Barrel Design offers a ringless barrel design, utilizing different layers of alloy across the barrel and resulting in the ability to create an even bigger sweet spot than ever before. Power Boost™ Soft Knob technology provides hitters with more leverage, all while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand. Flow-Tack™ Grip is Easton’s most-premium grip, providing the ultimate cushion and tack. Easton USSSA bats are used by top travel ball programs across the country. It is approved for play in USSSA and associations that follow the 1.15BPF standard.