ADV 360

2022 Easton ADV 360 Review

The 2022 Easton ADV is a two-piece composite bat made only for the USA space in the 2022 season. The USSSA and BBCOR versions are referred to as the “ADV Hype.” The biggest change in the 2022 ADV is using only “Launch Comp” composite in the drop 11 barrel instead of the very hot but oh so no durable Ultra Light Comp in the drop 11 from 2020 and 2019. That composite change will undoubtedly make less hot out of the wrapper bombs from the drop 11 but will also likely keep the complaints about the durability down. We expect the ADV 360 USA for 2022 to be a good to great USA bat that comes with tons of sizing options, a big barrel, and a great feel for a premium price.

2022 ADV 360 Models

Models Overview

Our hitters have yet to hit the 2022 version of the bat because it has yet to be released to the public. It was visible during the LLWS in August, but it has yet to hit the shelves for 2022. We hope to see those bats by the end of October, ready for the holiday rush.

General Recommendations

Generally, the 2022 ADV 360 will be for the USA player looking for a big barrel, light swing, and great feel in a two-piece composite. Of course, they’ll also need to afford the bat and it isn’t cheap. Major reasons to buy the bat would be the power boost knob, a love of Easton’s USA bat line, a huge barrel, and light swing.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Big barrel composite bats in the two-piece space, like the ADV 360, are the CF and Rawlings Quatro Pro.

Previous Bats

The major change between the 2021 and 2022 ADV is the addition of the drop 11 that uses the same composite as the drop 5, 8, and 10. In previous versions, the drop 11 used an “Ultra Launch Comp” instead of the “Launch Comp” in other drops of the bats with the same name. The drop 11 also used a different colorway.

This year, though, Easton uses the same composite and color scheme in all drops, including the 11. We weren’t told this explicitly, but the durability issues in the drop 11 of 2019 and 2020 likely had something to do with this change. We personally loved the performance of the drop 11 from previous years, so we will be sad to see it go away. But, its lack of durability made it a difficult choice and, as we talked about in our Best USA bat section, a hard one to recommend.


Easton’s 2022 ADV 360 comes in a drop 5, 8, 10, and 11. It uses a “Launch Comp” composite barrel—which is Easton’s marketing name for the composite they use. Like previous years, it uses a two-piece connection they refer to as a CXN, a DFS Carbon handle, speak cap, and, new for 2022, a Flow-Tack Grip—which is Easton’s grip that resembles the likes of Lizard Skin.

The best construction feature, or at least most unique, is the Power Boost knob. The knob is, basically, made of a more pliable rubber substance. We are fans.