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2022 DeMarini The Goods Review

The 2022 DeMarini The Goods is a two-piece hybrid (alloy barrel, composite handle) with a mild endload built for serious hitters like weight, stiffness, and a good-sized barrel. It comes in a BBCOR, USSSA drop 10 and 5, and a USA drop 10. The BBCOR has three versions, two of which (the Ace of Spades and Queen of Diamonds) are available exclusively for Omaha’s CWS in 2023. It was originally released on October 27th, 2022, to much fanfare as the 2021 version was out of stock, and inventory issues due to supply chain problems left a bunch of empty shelves.

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2022 The Goods Models

Models Overview

Our hitters love the feel, stiff performance, big barrel, and perceived performance of The Goods. The bat shines in BBCOR and is clearly a great bat for a lot of serious players. USSSA drop 5 and 10 models are decent but few believe they are must have bats. The drop 10 in USA is a reasonable if not overpriced.

General Recommendations

Generally, the 2022 The Goods is built for the serious hitter that likes an alloy barrel on a composite handle. Although the drop 10’s in USA and USSSA are lighter, they definitely swing heavier than the slightest in that class. The BBCOR version of the bat is a great fit for a lot of hitters, especially those players that can handle a bit of an endload and want an alloy barrel. The drop 5 in USSSA is a great hit and built like the BBCOR version of the bat with a lighter swing and better trampoline effect.

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Comparable Bats

The most comparable 2022 bats compared to The Goods are the True HZRDUS and Slugger Select.

Previous Bats

The changes between the 2022 and 2021 are in the end cap. The BBCOR and drop 5 USSSA use the new Tremor end cap that is built for more durability and swing weight. The Tracer end cap, built for a light swing, is found on the 2022 USA drop 10 and 8 as well as the USSSA Drop 10.

The other change in the 2022 The Goods line is the split in the drop 10 and 5 USSSA bat. Although still called the same, the drop 5 uses a connection piece like the BBCOR version. In drop 10, there is a new connection piece that is more flexible.

Other than those changes, the alloy and handles all stay the same for 2022.


The Goods is a hybrid bat built with an alloy barrel and composite barrel. It is built with the stronger hitter in mind that likes more of a load in the barrel. The connection pieces vary throughout the line but are generally stiff.