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2021 Warstic Bonesaber

By Bat Digest

Updated August 27, 2023

2021 Warstic Bonesaber Featured Image
The Warstic Bonesaber is a BBCOR and USSSA single piece aluminum bat with a unique and much loved tapered handle. We used three different hitters on the BBCOR Warstic Bonesaber. All think it is one of the best feeling single piece aluminum bats on the market. The tapered handle makes a real difference, and the barrel performance felt as good as any aluminum BBCOR bat on the market. Warstic's distribution isn't like other companies, and the price point on the Bonesaber is pushing it. But, if you're looking for a top-end single piece aluminum bat with a fantastic design and feel, then the Warstic Bonesaber for 2020 deserves all your attention.
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Our hitters loved the tapered handle and the big barrel. The feel was as good as any single piece bat they've swung to date, and the textured grip felt big league.

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Although not inexpensive, the Warstic Bonesaber is a standout bat in a field of 'meh.' The single-piece aluminum BBCOR field is as stale as rocks. Although bats like the Omaha, 5150, Solo, and Alpha have very little to contrast, the Bonesaber is a bat that makes you pay attention. The bat is for the serious player that likes the stiff feel of a single piece aluminum and wants a wood-like feeling in the handle. Big and elite hitters will love the Warstic Bonesaber. Our only major complaint is the price point. At $329 for a single piece of aluminum, it is asking a lot. Of course, the tapered knob is unique and proprietary. But, when comparing a $199 bat in its class (like the Omaha), it will be difficult to convince most the $100+ extra is worth it. If it is for you is a question we just can't answer.

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The 2020 version of the Bonesaber is the first iteration of the bat. Warstic did release the BBCOR version before the USSSA versions, but they are mostly the same bat with the same colorway and tapered knob design.


Warstic Bonesaber Review As we stated above, the 2020 Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat with a balanced swing weight. The bat's most unique feature is the tapered grip.