2021 Victus Vandal Review

For 2021, Victus adds a USSSA and USA version of the Vandal. The BBCOR version of the bat released in the 2020 and our review of it can be found here. The USSSA and USA versions are, like the BBCOR, single piece bats with a big barrel, variable wall thickness, an extended composite end cap and light swing. Our swing weight measurements put it on the light side in the drop 10 space. Our performance measurements, including head to head against the CAT 9, showed the Vicuts can hang with the best of them.

2021 Vandal Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the big barrel and light swing of the USSSA and USA Vandal. They were also pretty excited about the very tack grip. They responded well the sound—a pretty sizeable ping. The parents like the wide range of sizing. The price could always be cheaper, but it is what it is. At $279 for a single piece aluminum, they are pushing the limits, for sure. (The USA version of the bat is $249 at release).

General Recommendations

Generally, we recommend the USA and USSSA Victus Vandal for smaller players that like a loud ping and a single piece feel. Most players in the drop 10 space (from 9 to 11) tend to prefer two-piece bats. As such, the Vandal usually isn’t their first choice. However, there are enough that like the CAT 9 where the Vandal–with its more unique look and off the beaten path option—could make sense. We do like the light swing and the grip is hard to beat.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The most comparable bats to the Vandal are the CAT 9 and Solo.

Previous Bats

The 2021 Vandall in USSSA and USA is first run. For 2020, the bat did come in a BBCOR, but nothing else. These USSSA/USA bats are the same as the BBCOR but made for those leagues. It has the same material, extended composite end cap and handle as the USSSA and USA versions of the bat.


The Victus Vandal for 2021 is a single piece aluminum bat with a long barrel made possible by differing wall thicknesses. As well, the bat uses an extended composite end cap to help drive down the swing weight.