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2021 Victus Nox Review

By Bat Digest

Updated November 17, 2022

2021 Victus Nox Review Featured Image
The 2020 Victus Nox is a hybrid bat that comes in BBCOR and, in May of 2021, a drop 10, 8 and 5 USSSA. The Nox complements the Victus Vandal---which is the premiere Victus bat and a light swinging single-piece aluminum. Of all the data we gathered on the different versions of the NOX, we found the swing weight lighter than we expected. Our measurements on the Nox put it on the lighter side of balanced---which is a bit different than other takes which consider a bit heavy. But, we're confident in our swing weight scales and think the Nox should be considered a balanced bat---not heavy, not light but just right.
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2021 Nox Models

Generally, mid-range swinging two-piece hybrid bats perform much like the Voodoo or, these days, The Goods. The Nox also uses the same tapered barrel wall found in other bats like the Vandal, CAT 8, Axe Hyerwhip, Rawlings VELO, and 5150s.

General Recommendations

Victus added weight to the barrel to give it a heavier MOI. In BBCOR, we find the bat to be an average swing weight---not end-loaded. It is more balanced than it is end-loaded or hand-loaded. The drops 10, 8, and 5 in the USSSA allow you to dial in what kind of swing weight you want. The 29-inch drop 10 is quite a bit light. The 32-inch drop 5 is a log. As such, you can dial in where you want it. Compared to competing bats with the same length and weight categories, the swing weight is about the average in the industry. By way of general recommendations, the bat is built for the player that wants the reliability of an alloy barrel, the smooth feel of a two-piece, and a price point that's reasonable compared to other high-end bats. Although it's year one, feedback so far has been very, very good in all its models.

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Previous Bats

There is no version of the NOX from 2019 or 2020. 2021 NOX will be the first time Victus releases a two-piece hybrid bat to the market. They claim they have been working on it for eight years---and that might be true considering they were purchased by Marucci at that time as well as, now, Marucci getting purchased by a more prominent conglomerate.


The Victus Nox is a two-piece hybrid bat. Meaning, the handle of the bat is composite (plastic), and the barrel is aluminum. Hybrid bats are typical. Unique to the NOX, though, is its variable wall design. The inside of the barrel has different levels of thickness. The variable wall thickness, as they call it, allows to spread out the length of the sweet spot, keep the swing weight down, and extend the length of the barrel. Several other bats do this, too, including the Marucci CAT 8 line of bats as well as the VELO from Rawlings. Oddly, the NOX claims to have added more mass to the barrel. So, it intends to be an end-loaded bat, not a light swinging one. We will be able to tell better when we get one in hand here in the coming weeks.