CAT 9 Composite

2021 Marucci CAT 9 Composite Review

Marucci is releasing a new bat for 2021 called the Marucci CAT 9 Composite. This is a two-piece composite bat found in USSSA, USA, and BBCOR. The bat will compete directly in a very competitive two-piece market against bats like the META, CF, ADV 360, and Quatro Pro. The bat has a balanced swing, huge barrel and, according to some our hitters, hits absolute rockets.

2019 CAT 9 Composite Video

2021 CAT 9 Composite Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the big barrel, smooth swing, and great feel of the 2021 Marucci CAT 9 Composite. The drop 5 CAT Connect competes with the best in the business. (Yes, that is, the drop 5 Cat Connect competes with the CF Zen). The bat has not been out long enough to make commentary on the durability, but we’re hopeful.

General Recommendations

The CAT Composite is for no joke baseball players. That means, if you play a lot of games, see high pitch speed, and are willing to spend the money it takes to get top end gear, then the CAT 8 could be on your short list.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

The idea of a two-piece composite bat with a HUGE barrel is common in the USSSA space. Companies like DeMarini and the CF Zen, Easton and their Ghost X (Mako), Rawlings and their Quatro have been living there, and thriving there, for quite a while.

The CAT Composite reminds us most of a nearly unheard of bat in the Mizuno Ghost in terms of barrel size. However, as of 2018, the Mizuno Ghost was only a USA Bat. Marucci has yet to get into the USA space.

If we compare construction and drop sizes, then bats like Easton’s Ghost X and DeMarini’s CF Zen fit a close competitor to the CAT Composite.

Previous Bats

There isn’t a real last year’s version of the Marucci CAT Composite. But, for sure, Marucci took what they learned from the Marucci Hex Connect and made it into a better version. Though, Serious upgrades go into the CAT connect, including the connect (SCX) connection used in the Cat 8 BBCOR Connect.


Marucci’s CAT Connect is a two-piece composite bat built with a HUUUGE barrel and nice connection piece. The connection piece, which helps absorb mishit balls’ sting, is the same one used on the high-end BBCOR CAT 8 Connect.

The bat comes in a few different drops (5, 8, and 10) and, for their class, have a swing weight in the middle of the road. Not too light, not too heavy. (MOI we measured on a 31/21 was 5800 or about 1.5% above the average—well within our margin of error).