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2021 Louisville Slugger Solo Review

The 2021 Louisville Slugger Solo is a light swinging single piece aluminum bat made for the performance BBCOR and USSSA space. There is no 2021 version for USA. The major changes are the re-engineered barrel design of the 31 through 34-inch BBCOR and new end cap to help bring down swing weight in the USSSA versions.

2021 Solo Models

Models Overview

Our hitters like the light swing, big barrel, and solid performance of the 2021 Louisville Slugger Solo. In BBCOR, smaller players looking for as much bat speed as possible but are also comfortable enough with their skills to prefer single piece bats liked the Solo a lot. For USSSA, the drop 5 was preferred more than the other versions for bigger hitters. Most smaller players preferred the lighter swing of two-piece composite bats like the Meta or CF, but did just fine when it comes to exit speeds with the Solo.

General Recommendations

We recommend the Solo for the hitters who prefer single piece bats with a light swing. The bat is in the bottom 10% for swing weight. Meaning, for its given length, the bat swings light because the distribution of the weight is in the handle. It works well for hitters who need as much bat speed as possible and is comfortable with the feedback associated with a single piece bat.

We think previous versions of the bat are as good as this 2021 iteration. We think the 31 through 34-inch  BBCOR might be the most noticeable differences year over year, but not sure if that will justify any considerable price differences between the two.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Light swinging single piece aluminum bats are plentiful. Comparable bats are like the Voodoo One, The Goods Single Piece, Easton’s Fuze, and Alpha and the Rawlings VELO. If we had to choose the most comparable across all lines, we’d say it was the Rawlings VELO.

Previous Bats

The major change from the 2020 Solo to the 2021 Solo is the retooled alloy on the 31 through 34″ BBCOR versions of the 2021 Solo. The bat lost a bit of luster in its bigger sizes as its swing weight was still moderately balanced instead of light. But, this new alloy helps bring down the swing weight and keeps it a true light swinging bat across all sizes. In USSSA, the new end cap doesn’t make much of a difference, as far as we see it. It likely helps Slugger keep the swing weight down a bit, but nothing our hitters noticed.


The 2021 Louisville Slugger Solo is a single-piece bat with thin alloy walls to help bring down the swing weight. The bat is stiff, has a decent barrel profile, and uses a grip stock straight from Louisville Slugger.