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2021 Louisville Slugger Meta PWR Review

By Bat Digest

Updated August 10, 2023

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta PWR Review Featured Image
The 2021 Louisville Slugger META PWR is the end-loaded version of the 2021 Meta. Our swing weight measurement showed it 5% to 10% heavier---a noticeable difference---compared to its non-end-loaded counterpart. In terms of pure performance, the bat performs and any upper-end BBCOR bat on the planet. It sounds different from the 2020 model due to an added piece on the barrel inside, but the feel and connection pieces are the same.
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Our hitters liked the big barrel, end load, and fantastic feel of the 2021 Louisville Slugger META PWR. However, it's not a bat for everyone. The end load makes it one of the heavier swinging bats of 2021. It's only built for big hitters. But, it turns out, most big hitters prefer the stiffer feel and hot out of the wrapper of single-piece aluminum or alloy bats. As such, although the Meta PWR can perform with the best of them, it sits atop an empty category all by itself.

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The 2021 Slugger Meta PWR is built for big hitters that prefer two-piece composite bats over single-piece aluminum or hybrid bats. That niche of players isn't large as most big hitters like the stiffer feel of an aluminum bat and don't want to worry about working a bat in. Despite the Meta PWR delivering top-end exit speeds and a great feel on hits and mishits, we don't see the type of player the bat will attract.

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The Meta PWR is new for this year. You can find a 2020 and 2019 version of the bat but it is closer to the META in swing weight than the META PWR.


The 2021 META is a two-piece composite bat built with an endloaded feel. The connection piece is reasonably stiff, but not as stiff as a single piece bat or other big-hitting hybrid bats like The Goods.  

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